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March 27, 2020 2 min read

Being an eCommerce store, we've been pretty lucky since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our entire business is online so its been business as usual, to say the least.  We have, however, been experiencing a decline in sales as everyone is being more careful with their spendings.  Buying a new rugs isn't necessarily at top of mind when everyone, my family included, are trying to adjust to a new way of living.

With the sales that are coming through, I am greatly appreciative of your support.  I am also extremely thankful for the abundance of 5 star reviews that many of you are sending in.  It really does warm my heart every time I open one.  

While our business does not thrive on local foot traffic (since we don't have a brick and mortar store), it is inspiring to see that my local community have responded in support of small businesses in my neighbourhood by purchasing digital gift cards from their favourite stores.  Gift cards offer customers a safe option to make a purchase they can redeem at a later date while helping their favourite business get through this tough time.  Pretty touching, eh? 

In light of this, I've decided to put something together myself. For a limited time only, you can now purchase a Rugs by Roo Gift Card for either yourself or someone you know.  Gifting someone a rug is like gifting someone clothing.  It is so difficult to know what they would like because it is such a personal choice.  I've also broken them down to $25 denominations making it easy to contribute to someone's rug according to your budget.

Gift cards can be found here.  Once purchased, the gift card is delivered by email to either yourself or whomever you are gifting to.  The email will contain instructions on how to redeem the gift card at checkout. The process is pretty straightforward and there are no hidden processing fees to worry about.

Finally, I'd like to close by saying THANK YOU for supporting small businesses.  As always, I appreciate and adore you. 


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