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January 30, 2020 2 min read

I must admit.  I am not a numbers person.  Even though I went to school for commerce and was an accountant for 6 years, my business decisions are mostly intuitive rather than numbers driven.  Budgeting and finances, although I clearly know is critical to my business, is honestly not at top of mind. 

When the month of January (the month of gratitude) came, I really wanted to do something to give back.  I also felt the need to give beyond something I was comfortable with.  I decided to donate 100% of our month's profits to Australia Red Cross.

To be very honest, I was terrified.  As a small business owner, every dollar counts and cash flow is so important.  Giving away our profits for the month will definitely put us in the red.  We will have bills that won't get paid and will rollover to the next month.  In fact, I'm still uncertain how I am going to pay my daughter's February tuition fee, which will be due next week.  And some might say that it was a reckless business decision.  I didn't run any numbers and I had no plan of action.  There were several times throughout the month where I doubted my decision.  I probably should have taken the safer road and offered 50% instead of 100%.

But you know what the surprising thing was?  We ended up having one of the best months we've ever had (outside of Christmas and Black Friday).  Strangely, people read our newsletter, people found us on Instagram and Facebook and the sales came in from all over.

Even though we don't get to keep any of the profits we make this month, its reassuring to know that our customers support our initiatives and what we stand for.  And although the amount we raised is insignificant in the grand scheme of things (Australia wild fire damage, in this instance), I am proud to say that it came from our efforts that started from nothing.  We are a small business after all with a tiny email list of just 307.  The fact that we raised $1,602 this month (with 1 more day to go!) was beyond my imagination.  

I have so much gratitude for my business, Rugs by Roo.  It is through Rugs by Roo where I can fulfil on my hopes of serving others.  And I have so much gratitude for you, our loyal customer, who never fails to remind me that we are on the right track and that even though we make scary decisions on this road to entrepreneurship, it's not that scary when I have all of you behind me.

Much love and appreciation,

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