Lorena Canals Braids Soft Mint Machine Washable Area Rug

Lorena Canals

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Available in an array of soft pastels, this Lorena Canals Braids Soft Mint Area Rug features high quality, soft cotton. To achieve such softness and comfort, this Braided Series has a thicker base and actually uses 800 grams more cotton than rugs in other Lorena Canals collections. The braided design is subtle, allowing it to work perfectly in any baby nursery or kid's room. Grown-ups like it too because of its versatile design. Every Lorena Canals rug is hand made using 100% cotton and is completely machine washable. Your child can now live and play freely on their rug knowing that it will not get ruined. And because cotton is a natural material, it offers a soft and comfortable padding for those tired hands and feet after a full day of play (and work...who says we can't join them for