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At Rugs by Roo, we see many many rug brands. How do we choose which ones to carry in our store? We place emphasis on two key factors that we truly care about as parents. This includes the quality of the materials used (natural materials are our favourite) and the company's social mission. We feel that it is important that companies be a good role model for our children and should incorporate an aspect of giving back to their community in some way.

Unique Loom checks all the boxes in both regards. With over 50 years of experience in the Rug Industry and over 15 years of manufacturing experience, Unique Loom is the culmination of years of dreaming big and a desire to bring a passion for Oriental Rugs to the masses. Unique Loom sources directly from the families and villages that create these rugs. By cutting out the "middle man", the makers are able to retain a larger share of the profits and simultaneously, Unique Loom is able to responsibly support and contribute to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of carpet weaving found throughout the Rug Belt. This is fully aligned with our mission here at Rugs by Roo, which is to support the artisans who make the rugs so that the art of rug making can live on.

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