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Types of Natural Fiber Rug and Its Advantages

novembre 11, 2021 5 lire la lecture

Types of Natural Fiber Rug and Its Advantages

Finding a high-quality fiber rug can be quite a challenge. These rugs have been essential for several designers and have been popular since. Not only does their cozy and relaxed style give more charm to a room, but they are also a lot more durable. 

When the rise of demand for natural fiber rug increased, so did the supply. Right now, you can find multiple styles and materials of natural rugs in the market. However, choosing one which would complement your choice of area is the real question. You can learn to do this almost instantly! Keep reading to find out more information regarding finding the perfect rug for you

Types of Natural Fiber Rug Materials 

  • Jute 
  • Sisal
  • Seagrass
  • Hemp

    Main Advantages of Each Type


    • Affordable 
    • Softer to the touch 
    • Resembles woolen rugs 


    • Highly durable 
    • Perfect for high-traffic areas 
    • Pet-friendly 
    • No allergies 
    • Easy to maintain 


    • Highly durable 
    • Eco-friendly 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Excellent for high-traffic spaces 


    • Sturdy and strong 
    • Stain-resistant 
    • Takes time to wear out 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Fibers will soften with the use


    Jute is a fiber rug and have been the most popular choice. It is essentially a type of grass found in Asia. Later turned into a rug. 

    These rugs are excellent as they are bio-degradable and sustainable. Usually, they are a combination of cotton and jute. It leads it to be a lot more comfortable on the feet with no compromise on the look! For people looking to be more eco-friendly, Jute rugs are an excellent option, as they are waste-free. 

    Many people think natural floor rugs are a great choice when trying to be eco-friendly, but they can be rough, and although this is true, these rugs are still the softest options. They also resemble woolen rugs. 


    Another popular choice of natural home rugs is Sisal. The material is super durable and can last you a long time. The fibers on this rug, however, are a lot more sturdy than, say Jute. So, it is the perfect option for more high-traffic areas in your home. The color is another reason why the rug is so popular. A creamy, tan color attracts warmth and comfort into the room. 

    Sisal is an excellent choice for people who are prone to allergies and other breathing problems. Sisal, being a natural fiber, allows people to have these rugs around and not get sick all the time. A sisal rug is also an excellent option for people who like minimal maintenance. These rugs will only require some vacuuming here and there and look as good as new. 

    They are also great because of their super absorbent qualities, allowing them to stay cool on super hot days as well. 


    Seagrass rugs are the perfect rugs for high-traffic areas such as drawing rooms, bedrooms, and formal spaces. They are highly sturdy and can resist much more amounts of wear and tear than other rugs. The rug is also eco-friendly and the perfect option for people who like to be more careful of the Earth. 

    The sturdy fibers also make it robust for the rug to catch and store dirt and dust, making it super easy to clean them. A little vacuuming here and there may be the best option. Like Sisal,  They are better for people prone to allergies and breathing problems because of the sturdy fibers. 

    They are also some of the most affordable options when it comes to placing natural flooring. Overall, seagrass can be an excellent option for a variety of people. Although it may not be as soft to the touch, it is still quite worth it.  


    Hemp rugs are another excellent option for those looking for a sturdy rug. It is a resistant, sturdy, and durable rug. The cleaning is again minimal. Some vacuuming and cleaning of spots will do. This type of rugs is naturally brown and tan but can be reconstructed to different patterns and colors such as beige or white. 

    Hemp is also an excellent option as it does not attract or store dirt or debris and asks for easy cleaning. People with younger kids or pets are ideal candidates for purchasing a hemp rug. The sturdy and resistant fibers allow it to maintain itself while including all the different wear and tear that goes on. 

    Fiber Rugs - Purchasing Guide 2021 

    Consider Your Demands 

    When choosing to buy a rug, you must consider all of your demands and expectations before you go ahead! A natural rug is essentially going to be three things; durable, appealing, and makes the area stand out. People with different lifestyles have all kinds of demands and requirements. It is why you may need to consider all of your needs before selecting a fiber rug for yourself. 

    You may also want to consider the location of potentially where you would place the rug and the usage.  For example, a low-traffic area such as drawing rooms or bedrooms can get away with lighter-colored rugs that are not as stain-proof or resistant. 


    If you are trying to choose a fiber rug, you must note some factors, such as how much wear and tear will happen, to help you make the best choice. Some examples to consider are how high (or low) traffic the room of choice will be? Or if you have kids, then what fiber rug would be best in textures and hygiene so that their skin is not irritated. Factors like these can help you make the best choice for your home and ensure that you get the most wear out of the rug. 

    A wrong choice can lead to you wasting money and possibly ruining your home’s look and atmosphere. After you have analyzed your needs, you can more easily decide to choose a rug. Your next step is to analyze the differences in materials and durability of these rugs. To see what suits your needs the best. 

    Ending Thoughts 

    As concluded, investing in anatural fiber rug is an excellent idea for many people. The very little maintenance needed along with these rugs is also a reason why you might consider buying these. If you are looking to redecorate or move into a new home and you are looking for rug options, these may be your best bet. 

    By following some of the information added above, you too can find the best natural rug option for you.It's amazing to see how rugs can make your home look wholesome. To make the most out of it, the right choice matters.

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