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Studio Sirio A Charming Prince New Zealand Wool Kids Area Rug


Studio Sirio rugs are handmade in small batches.  Please allow up to 5 weeks for completion and delivery. 

Part of The Walking In The Jungle series, this round kid's rug features A Charming Prince, more commonly known as a frog, hopping from one water lily to the next, patiently waiting for something to happen.  What is the Charming Prince waiting for, you might ask?  Well, that would be subject to your child's imagination.  Perhaps he is patiently waiting for a princess (or a Mum!) to stroll by and give him a kiss.  Or maybe he is waiting for his next meal.  Our Charming Prince is full of love, joy and hope, just like our little ones.

Product Features

  • Technique: Ethically Handmade
  • All rugs by Studio Sirio are ethically handmade by skilled craftsmen and women in India and assures that no child labour has been used in the making of this rug
  • Material: 100% New Zealand Wool
  • New Zealand Wool is referred to as the purest and softest wool in the world.  Each rug is soft and bouncy to the touch, perfect for your child's tired little hands and feet
  • Hypoallergenic material making it well suited for those with sensitive skin
  • Best suited for fun spaces such as a boy/girl room or kid's playroom
  • Location: Indoor use only


  • Brand: Studio Sirio
  • Size: 150 cm or 59 inches in diameter
  • Made in India

Important Note: As this rug is made to order, we unfortunately cannot allow for returns or exchanges.  Please allow 5 weeks for completion and delivery. Status updates will be sent to you via email upon ordering.  

About the Brand

Founded in 2017, the young Franco-Italian brand offers whimsical, playful, high quality rugs with a "twist". Founder, Aurore Martial, started Studio Sirio because of her love for designing kids rooms. She struggled with sourcing great quality rugs with interesting designs. That began her rug design journey and quest for the perfect material. Her collections are designed with all kid types in mind: Dreamer's collection for the bold and energetic; A Big Big World collection for those infused with curiosity; and Friends in Disguise collection for the sweet and gentle.

About New Zealand Wool

Unlike most other countries, New Zealand wool farms follow very strict procedures to ensure ethical treatment of their sheep.  New Zealand wool farms are certified by Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), an international group that ensures the highest possible standards are applied in animal husbandry.  

When it comes to carpet and rug making, New Zealand wool is a lot softer and whiter compared to wool from other countries making it ideal for plain or lighter shade ranges.  It has a natural crimp which means it can offer a 'bounce-back' when compressed, which reduces tracking marks.