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Renwil Bedford IV Hand-woven Wool Area Rug


With a solid pattern that fits right in every room, this Renwil Bedford IV eclectic area rug offers versatile style that suits classic and contemporary floors. The timeless beauty of this decorative floor covering is evident in the combination of natural wool and soft viscose fibres, hand-woven with craftsmanship inherited from generations of artisanal rug weavers. The Renwil Bedford IV Wool rug's neutral cream and light grey colour palette layers effortlessly beneath couches, coffee tables and beds.

Product Features

  • Technique: Handmade Woven Carpet
  • Material: Woollen Yarn 60% / Super Soft Viscose 40%
  • Wool is a naturally stain resistant material, making it perfect for anywhere in the home where things may get a bit messy from time to time
  • Due to its thick and dense pile, wool rugs make a great sound barrier keeping noise out while the little ones enjoy their quiet time
  • Wool is naturally stain and flame resistant
  • Viscose is a semi-synthetic material that uses wood pulp in its production process making it partly natural.  The beauty of viscose is in its texture.  It offers a cool and silky touch, making the rug feel and look luxurious
  • Location: Indoor use only


  • Brand: Renwil
  • Colour: Grey & Cream
  • Sizes available:  5' 2" x 7' 2" and 7' 9" x 9' 8"
  • Handwoven
  • Made in India

About Wool and Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material that uses wood pulp in its production process making it partly natural.  By blending wool and viscose together, it offers a rug that gives the ultimate feeling of softness.  Viscose is cool and silky to the touch while wool is sturdy and insulating making it look and feel luxurious.

Wool is also naturally fire retardant and self-extinguishing.  You might have heard of lanolin?  It is a natural substance found in wool that coats its surface making it stain resistant.  This coating helps stop dirt and stains from actually penetrating the wool. That is why spills on wool is very easy to clean.  

Care Instructions

  • Vacuum regularly without bristles
  • Treat spills immediately by blotting with an absorbent white towel.  Do not rub.
  • Use care when using cleaning agents as harsh chemicals can cause fibres to disintegrate.  Always spot test before application.
  • Rotate periodically for even wear and tear

About the Brand

Renwil was started in 1967 by Allen Wilner in a 500 square feet studio in a corner warehouse with one artist and two assistants. He had one simple idea: to have in-house artists create genuine works of art for the interior design world. Today, Renwil has become Canada's leading producer of home accents and furnitures, offering a vast collection of artwork, mirrors, lights and area rugs (which they like to call 'rug art'). And in place of the 500 square feet corner studio, they now operate out of a 3,500 square feet studio space in Quebec, Canada and bring on amazing collaborations with artists from all across North America.

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