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Eye Heart Hand


Eye Heart Hand Pure Stripe Wool Area Rug

goodweave approved area rug made from verified 100% new zealand wool

This elegant 'pure stripe' rug is made of 100% pure, unbleached, Guilds of High Peak Estate New Zealand wool and is constructed to highlight the exquisite qualities of the wool itself. This Eye Heart Hand Pure Stripe Wool Area Rug bares a subtle variation in loop height that casts gentle shadows along the soft edges of the stripes and cushion each step you take. Perfect for a master bedroom, guest bedroom, living room or any barefoot, low-traffic areas. Designed by Kate Spain whose designs are often described as 'happy', this rug feels light, airy, neutral and natural.

Every Eye Heart Hand area rug is made from 100% pure wool sourced from the High Peak Estate in New Zealand. Wool is a natural, biodegradable material that contains many qualities including extraordinary softness, strength and resilience. New Zealand wool is unbleached, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful gasses. The source of the wool that goes into each rug in India is verified by Oritain to ensure its origin. Eye Heart Hand is also a GoodWeave International approved brand, meaning that each rug is made with no child, forced or bonded labour.

Product Features

  • Construction: Hand Made
  • Material: Oritain Verified 100% New Zealand Wool
  • High Peak Estate New Zealand wool is the only wool used in Eye Heart Hand rugs
  • New Zealand wool is regarded as the purest and whitest wool in the world
  • Wool is extraordinarily soft, strong and resilient
  • Treated only with the sun and the seasons, it is never bleached
  • Wool is naturally stain and flame resistant
  • New Zealand wool is a great choice amongst kids with allergy sensitivities because it is hygienic and non allergenic, has no harmful gasses and is a natural air filter
  • Wool also makes a great sound barrier keeping noise out during naps and quiet time


  • Brand: Eye Heart Hand
  • Sizes Available: 2' 6" x 8' Runner, 3' 6" x 5' 6", 5' x 8', 8' x 10'
  • Pile height: Varies between 0.75" to 0.875"
  • Colour: Cream (unbleached)
  • Designed in USA
  • Made in India
  • Location: Indoor use
  • Recommended to pair with a non-skid rug pad
  • Actual colors and size may vary from the image(s) shown due to manufacturing limitations

About the Brand

"Sometimes the urging of your conscience is so loud and impossible to ignore that it makes you restless enough to take action" are the words of Kate Spain, co-founder of Eye Heart Hand. These words sparked a beautiful endeavour to design and manufacture rugs of the highest standard in terms of design, material, social conscience and crafts(hu)manship. Kate runs Eye Heart Hand with her husband, Pete Spain, and together have built a business with a focus on sustaining and preserving harmony in the earth's fragile ecosystems. Eye Heart Hand's field-to-fiber-to-floor rugs have a transparent supply chain where the connection between artists, family farmers and craftspeople are fully traceable. Collaboration between people and places is at the forefront of Eye Heart Hand's mission. Every Eye Heart Hand rug is verified and approved by two world standards that confirm its quality: (1) Oritain Origin Verification ensures that the wool used in the making of the rug is indeed from the Guilds of High Peak Estate, New Zealand and (2) GoodWeave International Accreditation ensures that no child, forced or bonded labor is used in the facilities where the rugs are made. Eye Heart Hand's approach to rug making is uniquely theirs with an emphasis on connecting people and planet.

About the Wool

Each Eye Heart Hand area rug is made from 100% pure wool sourced from the Guild family's High Peak Estate New Zealand, a 10,000 acre family estate in amongst the Southern Alps. This luxurious wool reflects the purity of its origin. Sheeps are surrounded by sparkling streams from the alps, crisp mountain air, grassy range and rugged hills soaring 1000 meters above the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. The Guild family's care for their sheep are in accordance with the highest standards for animal welfare. The Animal Protection Index ranks New Zealand grade "A" putting it among just 4 nations out of 50 graded worldwide to earn the highest grade for protecting animals and promoting animal welfare.

This extraordinary wool has a natural whiteness and luster that creates luminous colours and rich hues. The wool is smooth, soft and luxurious while it's fibers offer lasting resilience and body. Wool from the Guilds of High Peak Estate are of premium weight and quality, minimizing curling and shedding. Amongst the many benefits of wool rugs, it is a natural material that is hygienic, non allergenic, has no harmful gasses and deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Wool is also flame resistant thanks to its thick insulating char layer and is a great choice for asthma sufferers because of its natural filtering ability. The natural strength and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic allows a wool rug to last for decades. An Eye Heart Hand wool rug is considered an investment and is expected to be passed from generation to generation. And to ensure that the wool applied to the rugs in India are indeed from the High Peak Estate, each rug is verified by Oritain using their fiber-trace technology.

Care Instructions

  • Upon unpacking of your new rug, roll it out and allow it to air for a day or two in a dry beezy location. A thin layer of natural latex inbetween the wool and cotton backing may emit a temporary odour that will go away from the airing process
  • It is unlikely but if any fibers should come loose, snip it with scissors. Do not pull
  • Brooms and sweepers are a great, gentle way to clean your rug
  • When using a vacuum, use the handheld attachment without the rotating beater bar on
  • For spills, blot immediately with a clean white cloth or towel. Never rub a spill as doing so will force the spill deeper into the wool fiber
  • For heavier spills or stain, use a solution of diluted vinegar and water (1:10 parts) or a diluted wool cleaning liquid. Remove residual cleaner with clean water and absorb remaining moisture with a dry towel
  • To fully clean a wool rug, use a professional cleaning expert
  • Rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage

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