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nuLOOM Hand Hooked Felicity Multi Area Rug


SKU: BHBC35A-10014

I can hear it in their voices already.  "This is the big girl's rug meant for big girls only.  Not for boys.  Not for babies.  Only big girls."  If you have one of those at home, you will know exactly what I mean.  She would love this Hand Hooked Felicity area rug because it speaks sophistication, princess and beauty.  This hand hooked rug is made from polyester, a highly stain resistant material making it well suited for play areas that may experience the occasional spills.  Did I mention this rug is great for a big girls room?

Product Features

  • Technique: Hand Hooked
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Polyester is inherently stain resistant and has low absorbency, making clean-up of spills nice and easy
  • Polyester is non-static, which makes it suitable for dry areas that are usually more prone to static electricity build up
  • Polyester is also a very soft material and allows for a comfortable padding for those tiny hands and feet
  • Primary colour: Multi
  • Location: Indoor use only


  • Brand: nuLOOM
  • Designed in USA
  • Made in China

About the Brand

Founded with a desire to push boundaries and break the rules of what is expected from an area rug, nuLOOM was created to fill the void between brilliant design and affordability. nuLOOM's production team stretches the limits on the use of vibrant colours giving each piece individuality and elegance. They draw inspiration from such things as nature, textiles and architecture from around the globe, making their collection of artistic floor coverings a perfect fit for today's fashion forward shoppers.

About Polyester

One of the major benefits of polyester is that it is a synthetic fabric and is able to retain vibrant colours for a very long time.  This makes it an ideal material to use for kid’s rugs that often come in vibrant colours and playful patterns.

Polyester is inherently stain resistant, outperforming nylon and wool in this regard.  Because the material has low absorbency and durable colours, you can wipe water-based spills right off.  It is also quick to dry after a spill, which helps ensure you don’t have wet spots that collect and form mold.

Polyester is also a very soft material and has a significantly lower price point than nylon and wool.  Due to its softness, however, polyester does not hold its fibre height as well as other carpet fibres. To avoid damage to the carpet, do not drag heavy objects on top of it and avoid putting it in high traffic areas such as an entryway.  A high quality polyester rug, if properly taken care of, can last up to 10 years.

Care Instructions for Polyester Rugs

  • Vacuum regularly and as needed
  • Polyester is generally dirt and water resistant
  • Absorb water spills immediately with clean white cloth.  Do not rub.
  • For stains, clean with mild liquid detergent that are safe on synthetic fibres
  • Rotate rug every 3 months to avoid uneven fading and wear
  • To preserve the life of the rug, we recommend using a rug pad

Need help?

When you buy a nuLOOM Hand Hooked Felicity Area Rug from, you will have access to our support team who will help you through any logistical issues such as tracking and delivery of the rug to your home.  You will also have access to our free design consultation team who can help you plan the layout of your room to best suit your new Hand Hooked Felicity rug. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Hand Hooked Felicity rug sku # BHBC35A on this page.  We're here to help, so take us up on the offer!


Ask a Question
  • is it a soft rug?

    Yes!  The Hand Hooked Felicity Rug is made of 100% polyester.  Polyester is a very soft material and does offer a comfortable padding for the feet.  Bare in mind, however, that polyester is a syntehtic fibre and because of its softness, it does not typically hold its pile height as well as other natural fibres such as wool.  It would work well in low traffic areas such as a living room or dining room.  Areas to avoid would be entry ways.