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10 Ways to Make Round Area Rug Work in Any Space

10 Ways to Make Round Area Rug Work in Any Space

I recently made a round dining table purchase for our home. It is not a usual choice for dining table and my family members asked if it would be a good choice due to the irregularity. We are all used to a rectangular table. The table arrived and we loved it. Now, when guests came over, they always complimented that our custom dining table was amazing. We had to correct them and said it was not custom. The response was always oh, it looked like it was built for the space. An irregular shape table can make a whole lot of a difference in one space.

I have been wanting to write about incorporating a round rug into a home since then. Even though rectangular rugs are the most common choice, round rugs can bring a unique and beautiful touch to any area. In this blog post, we want to share ten tips to help you make a round rug work seamlessly in any room. 

1. Choose a focal point

First one is placing your round rug strategically to define the focal point of the room. It could be the center of the seating area, under a coffee table or a statement piece of furniture. This positioning will create a visual anchor and make the rug shape as if it is built into the room function. 

2. Deciding on a size

Choosing the right size of the rug is also important. A too small rug will make a room feel disjointed. While an oversize rug will not fit into the room as it overwhelms the look. Aim for the size of rug that allows furniture to sit partially on it, creating a continuous arrangement. 

3. Embracing patterns and textures

Playing with bold geometric designs, intricate motives or plush textures that complement the room's overall aesthetic will be an opportunity to introduce patterns and textures into your space. It is also important to remember to balance the rug's pattern with the other elements in the room for the cohesive look. 

4. Layering with other rugs

Don't be afraid to layer your round rug with other rugs or carpets to add depth and dimension to the room. For example, you can plave a smaller round rug on top of a large rectangular rug to create an interesting visual effect.

5. Considering the shape of the room. 

Round rugs work particularly well in square or rectangular rooms. They soften the sharp angles and introduce a sense of flow. But, don't shy away from using them in unconventional spaces like wide foyers and kitchens to create interesting visual interest. 

6. Defining zones

Use your rugs to define zones such as in open floor plans. Round rugs can add boundaries to differentiate zones and functions in a room. Placing a round rug in the living area can define its zone from the dining or workspace nearby. This particularly works out in condo living when all rooms are combined into one. The rug adds division and structure to the space while maintaining a sense of continuity. 

7. Paying attention to rug material

Considering the functionality and traffic level of the room when choosing the material of your round rug is next. Natural fibers like wools are durable and great for high traffic areas. Also, wools are not easily stained. 

8. Playing experiments with the placement

Moving away from the conventional view that rugs need to be at the center of a room. Experiments with off center placements in larger spaces. Offset the rug slightly from the center can create a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement. 

9. Choosing a complementing colour

Choosing a colour for your rug can be fun and challenging. You can either match the dominant colors or provide an accent that complements the space. If you want a vibrant statement, opt for contrasting colors to make the rug pop. If not, a neutral color will always go with other colors as your furniture and decor style changes overtime. 

10. Trusting your instinct

Finally, this all goes to your instinct and personal taste when incorporating round rugs into a space. Design rules are guidelines, but your intuition should guide your final decision. Choose a rug that will make you happy and complement your overall home style. 
In conclusion, adding a round area rug can be your summer project this year. We are happy to share the 10 ways to make it work for your home from choosing the focal point of the room, playing experiments to the placement to trusting your instinct in going with your decision. If you would like to consult with our rug experts team, feel free to drop us an email anytime and we would be happy to assist you for free in choosing the right rug for your home! 

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