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Our Story

Hello. My name is Sandy

For years, I didn't have a single rug in my house. I have a beagle that sheds and has the occasional accident around the home. I couldn't fantom having a pee infested rug that I couldn't properly clean.

Then one day, I stumbled upon a brand from Spain that seems to have it all figured out. Not only were her rugs beautifully designed and machine washable, the rugs were made in a factory that empowers women and puts children in school.

Rugs by Roo was started as a need to bring these beautiful rug brands in front of other parents and pet owners. Being a mother to three kids and a beagle, I understand the struggles of trying to find the best for our children. Instead of spending hours researching which rug to buy, I hope to bring the best to my customers so that they can go back to spending time with those they love.

- Sandy, Founder and CEO

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