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11 Styles for Modern Wool Rugs in 2021

par Staff Account mars 11, 2022 5 lire la lecture

11 Styles for Modern Wool Rugs in 2021

Wool rugs are high-quality and elegant rugs that can slide in perfectly with your house design. Having the right wool rug style in your home can bring to life and elate your living space.

Do you want to pick a contemporary wool area rug for your home, and you are wondering what rug styles are in vogue? Choosing a perfectly fitting rug style for your home can be time-consuming and stressful. 

This article will help you with this challenge. With these fanciful and eye-catching modern wool rugs styles, you can make your home beautiful and elegant in 2021. Let’s dive right in!   

11 Styles for Modern Wool Rug in 2021

1. Vintage Rug Style

Vintage wool rug style is in vogue now as they are classic and can be mixed with many designs. Vintage is the new style in the world of interior décor, and it adds liveliness and personality to any living space. They are suitable for your dining room, sitting room, and even bedroom.

If you are on the look-out for heirloom-worthy rugs, then you should go for the vintage rug style. They are excellent for your living room and beyond.

This rug style has several designs you can select from. You can either choose from the neutral, sophisticated, vibrant, or sharp design. Pair vintage-style rug with modern furniture for a home with a beautiful and elegant look.   

With use, vintage rugs may fade slightly, but they get better with age.

2. Moroccan Rug Style 

For generations, Beni Ourain tribes in the mountains of Morocco have prepared these rugs with their hands. Then, they used the rugs to cover their beds and for warmth.

Today, this rug style is one of the most trendy and classy rug styles you can ever get. Moroccan rugs have been known for centuries. But their popularity has surged recently due to their elegant look that symbolizes royalty and wealth.

The rug’s style gives an exquisite touch to your home and modern interior which can last for years. They have a warm, soft, and cozy appeal that gives you a sense of satisfaction and relaxation in your home.

3. Oriental Rug Style

Oriental wool rug style provides an attractive addition to your modern interior design. If you decide to get a wool rug for your home, you should go for this ideal rug style with great historical value. Oriental rug styles have come to stay, and they will never go out of style.

There are many types of oriental rugs. Some are more popular than others because of different characteristics such as designs and where they are made.

4. Geometric Rug Style

Geometric rug designs are one of the most classic products that can fit anywhere whether your home or office with ease and grace.

Rugs with geometric patterns are a big piece of art and add energy to any part of the house you place them. They have a variety of styles and a range of colors you can choose from. They are also bold and beautiful, so with a modern geometric area rug style, your home can make a big statement on its own. 

This rug style can never be out of trend, and it goes well with any interior décor. You can use geometric rug style to accommodate a big and bold statement in your living room, dining room, and even entryways.

5. Kilim Rug Styles

Kilim is a Turkish word which means flat-woven carpet or rug. This style of rug is generally woven with a technique known as the slitweave.

Kilim rug styles like geometric rug styles also embolden and beautify your home. Kilim wool rugs are full of unique patterns and textures. Anywhere you place this wool rug in your home, it just serves as a piece of art, giving your home an exquisite look. This rug style has a variety of colorful designs that can blend well with contemporary furnishing styles.

6. Layered Rug Style

Layered rug style is a great opportunity to have fun with pattern, color, and texture.

A layered wool rug can change your home look in an instant. They are one of the big things gaining attention recently in the world of interior design. They are fancy, cool, soft, and can go with many modern furnishing styles. There are several design styles you can choose from; patterned, plain, colorful, and classic structure.

7. Cowhide Rug Style

Fashion comes and goes but certain styles can never go out of fashion.

When it is all about adding luxury, glamour, and softness to your home, go for cowhide wool rug style. Cowhide-style rugs were once considered a distinguishing feature of country homes. Then recently, they have become a must-have rug style for every home. Cowhide rugs can blend well with many interior décor and designs in your home.

There are diverse designs of cowhide rug styles you can explore in color, pattern, design, size, shape, and prints. You can pair this rug style with leather furniture for an elegant and exquisite look in your home.

Cowhide rugs are beautiful and unique, and can last for a lifetime.

8. Chevron Wool Rug Style

If you are looking for a rug to add fun and style to your home, then look no farther than the Chevron wool rug.

Introduce modern style into your home with a chevron wool rug style. These rug styles are bold and beautiful, and they add an elegant and refined edge to any part of your home. They are suitable for your living room, bedroom, and even office space.

9. Wool Shag Rug Style

Wool shag rugs have been around for years and they serve as a work of wherever they are placed in any part of your home. Modern wool shag rugs are elegant and beautiful as they come in a variety of textures and styles.

They add that cozy feeling, warmness, and softness to your home. You can never go wrong with a wool shag rug, no matter the room in your home.

10. Natural Patterned Rug Style

You can get more adventurous in 2021 by going for a natural patterned wool rug style. If you want something natural, cool, classy, yet modern and contemporary, a natural patterned rug is your go-to.

Natural patterned wool rugs have varieties of colors, shapes, sizes, prints, and designs you can go for. Giving you endless styling options. You can pair a patterned style rug with printed sofas for a graceful interior that makes a statement.

11. Bold and Bright Rug Style

This modern rug style will be seen in most homes this 2021. They are perfect for your bedroom, children playing rooms, bathroom, and living room. You can also place them in any other part of your home you want to make bold and beautiful.

They have several unique designs ranging from plain, pattern, floral, and stripped.

Be bold to pair this modern wool rug with neutral and elegant furniture to give your house that perfect and awesome look.


That’s it, classy and exceptional styles for wool rugs in 2021. From the list of wool rug styles above, you can find classy and superior rug styles for every room in your home. Go ahead and add these contemporary rug styles to your living space to make it come alive and make a big statement on its own.

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