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A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home

par Sandy Wong mai 11, 2023 5 lire la lecture

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best Living Room Rug For Your Home

Besides the kitchen, the living room is the primary hangout place for most families.  I like to see it as a jack-of-all-trades room.  It can be the kids' play area where forts are built and battles are won.  It can be a spot for a quiet retreat with a good book in hand.  It can be where guests gather for a chatter when you're hosting.  

Given all these functions, choosing the living room rug can be a daunting task as it needs to adapt to all these various uses.  It needs to be functional and easy to maintain, withstanding spills and debris from time to time.  It needs to be cozy and inviting.  It is also an opportunity to showcase your design taste, if you have one.

Feeling the pressure yet?  No worries.  In this post, I am going to share with you the key 5 factors that I consider when helping our customers choose the best living room rug for their homes.

1.  Size

Choosing the right size of rug for your living room is the first most crucial step to ensure that it not only looks great but also serves its purpose.  The size of your rug will depend on the size of your living room and the placement of your furniture. 

The first step is to define your seating area and furniture placement.  Decide where you want your sofa and chairs to be placed.  The size of your rug should be large enough to cover the seating area and leave enough space around the edges.  A general rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is at least 6 inches larger than the perimeter of your furniture.  For a diagram of how this may look, check out our Size Guide

loloi living room

The shape of your living room will also play a role in determining the size of your rug.  For example, if your living room is square, choose a square or round rug.  If your living room is rectangular, choose a rectangular rug.  Sounds pretty simple?  Most often times it is unless you have an oddly shaped room, in which case we would recommend consulting with an interior designer.

Remember, choosing the right size rug is crucial for creating a cohesive and comfortable living room.  Feel free to use masking tape to test out different dimensions of the rug and see how it will fit with the space.  Taking the time to measure your space and consider the placement will ensure you choose a rug that fits perfectly in your living room.

2.  Colours and Patterns

The colour and pattern of your rug can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your living room.  When interior designers are designing a room from scratch, they will often start with the rug first since it is one of the largest decor pieces in the space. 

living room rug dimensions

When it comes to choosing the right colour, consider the colour scheme of your living room.  If you have a neutral colour scheme, a rug with a bold and vibrant colour can add a pop of colour and make a statement.  On the other hand, if your living room already has a lot of colour, a neutral or muted rug can balance the space.

Don't have a colour scheme or theme to your living room?  One tip is to browse through home decor magazines and consider what style and colour scheme gets you excited.  Remember, the living room rug is an investment piece that will be in your space for a very long time.  It is important that the theme you choose is timeless and is something that evokes emotion for you.  You may also choose a rug based on a focal point such as a piece of furniture, artwork or decorative item that you love.

3.  Household Members

Who lives in your home?  This may sound like a peculiar question but the purpose is to address how important washability is to you and your family.  If you have young children or pets, the key factor that you want to consider is washability.  You want a rug that you don't have to dance around.  You want a rug that can be thrown into the washing machine when messes happen.  And messes are bound to happen especially if you have children under the age of 12, or pets that shed or cannot hold their bladder.

If you don't have young children or pets, then washability wouldn't be as high of a priority unless you plan on hosting a lot and tend to have drinking friends that are also clumsy.  Ever tried spot cleaning red wine off of a wool rug?  Not something you want to try, especially at the end of a long night.

4.  Durability

Your living room rug should be able to withstand daily wear and tear.  Consider the durability of the material, construction and weave of the rug.  A tightly woven rug made of durable materials such as wool may be a better choice for high-traffic areas verses a machine tufted synthetic rug that only has a lifespan of 3 years.  Not only are synthetic rugs more damaging to your wallet over time but it is also contributing to landfill at a much quicker rate.  Be sure to consider the quality of the material and invest in a well-made piece that will last for years.

5.  Texture

Unbeknownst to most people, the texture of a rug can affect the overall look and feel of your living room going from "come lie down for some snuggles" to "this is stylish and photo worthy".  For example, a plush, shaggy rug can add a cozy and comfortable feel to your living room that is inviting and warm.  These rugs have a thick pile and are usually made of soft materials although they are more difficult to clean and maintain than other textures.  A flatweave rug, on the other hand, can provide a sleek and modern look.  These rugs are also a practical choice for high-traffic areas because they are easy to clean and maintain.

You can also consider mixing textures to add dimension and interest to your living room.  Rug layering allows you to overlay different textures on top of each other and is especially great for those individuals who cannot commit to a single texture.


Taking the time to carefully consider all the factors involved in choosing the perfect living room rug for your home is such a crucial step.  Texture, material, maintenance and durability are all important elements to keep in mind as they will not only affect the appearance of your rug but also its functionality and longevity.  A rug can tie the entire room together and create a cohesive look, so it is important to choose one that complements your existing decor and personal style.  Ultimately, a well-chosen living room rug can transform your space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

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