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Earth Month

par Sandy Wong avril 22, 2022 3 lire la lecture

Rugs by Roo Earth Month Zero Waste challenge

My family and I have been embarking on a 30 day Zero Waste Challenge since the beginning of April.  I know it sounds a little crazy especially with a baby in the mix.  If you must know, this is pretty much how it began...

Me:  I'm on Tiktok!  We need content.
Hub:  What do you wanna talk about?
Me:  April is Earth Month.  How about we do a 30 day ZWC?!
Hub:  Ummm....ok, sure...that sounds fun 🤥

And so we jumped right in not quite knowing what to expect, completely naive yet open to whatever lands.

Now that we are more than half way through the month, "progress over perfection" has become my new mantra.  If you're like me and you have a bit of competitive ego inside you, then you will feel like you're punched in the gut every day.  I've come to realize that I have been pretty much destroying the planet with all my innocent yet poor choices for the previous 40 years of my life.  It has been a journey of learning and unlearning, acceptance and forgiveness, and recognizing that the planet is counting on me to take this message to everyone I know.  And so here I am, sharing about my experience and hoping that if I can at least get one person to read and be inspired by my journey, then its a win.

"Progress over perfection" has become my new mantra.

Rugs by roo zero waste challenge

Here we go!  A 30 day synopsis of my family's zero waste endeavour...

  • Day 1: Reusable Bags
  • Day 2: Toothpaste
  • Day 3: Clothing
  • Day 4: Decluttering
  • Day 5: Diapers
  • Day 6: Footwear
  • Day 7: Snacks
  • Day 8: Trash Audit
  • Day 9: Parties
  • Day 10: Kitchen
  • Day 11: Zero Waste Depot
  • Day 12: Beauty Products
  • Day 13: Cleaning Products
  • Day 14: Toys
  • Day 15: Upcycled Rugs
  • Day 16: Buying Less
  • Day 17: Food Waste
  • Day 18: Loot Bags
  • Day 19: Mail and Shipping Supplies
  • Day 20: Kid's Birthday Parties
  • Day 21: Earth Day Ideas
  • Day 22: Earth Day Garbage Pick-up

Watch my daily shares on our Instagram or Tiktok @RugsbyRoo

Seeing that this was my first time doing a ZWC, I do have some big takeaways that I'd love to share.

Takeaway #1:  It's a Family Ordeal

Unless you live alone, you cannot lone wolf it.  Embarking on a ZWC involves the entire family whether they like it or not.  That's because it will involve changing up things around your home such as using bar soap instead of body wash, toothpaste out of a jar instead of a tube, asking for donations in place of a birthday gift, etc.  It starts with the home, forming new habit changes and educating them on 'why' we're making the changes.

Takeaway #2: Trash Audit

Doing the Trash Audit on day 8 was perhaps the most eye opening in our journey.  Simply by going over what was in our trash can, I was able to identify quick, easy habit changes that would alleviate waste going to landfill.  I learned that lint from my dryer machine was compostable if I organize my loads properly.  I learned that vacuum debris can also go in compost because dog fur and wool rug shedding are all natural.

Takeaway #3:  Eco = Healthy

Not sure why I never put two and two together but being on a ZW journey also allows you to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.  ZW often involves avoiding plastics, reducing toxins in your home and looking for more biodegradable options that are almost always made from natural materials.  While there are exceptions, I'll take the double wins!

In Conclusion...

While there are still 8 days to go, I already know that our ZW journey doesn't end here.  It is sort of an addiction, similar to a health journey.  Once you know the impact an old habit is causing to your body, or in this case the planet, you won't ever want to go back.  And the more you uncover, the more you will WANT to uncover. 

It has definitely been an emotional journey as I learn to forgive myself for my choices in the past.  For my kids, it has made them more inquisitive.  They've learned that I don't have all the answers either and it really is a team effort to figure out the answers.  I feel so much gratitude for the hub and the kids for taking the leap with me not knowing what to expect.  I truly loved being on this inspiring and eye-opening journey.  

If there's one final takeaway I'd like to leave you with, it would be "to start".  It is our kids' future that is at stake.  Forget what you've been doing in the past.  Just start!  It's about progress, not perfection.

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