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Loloi Beacon Sea Area Rug


Durable and textured, the hand-woven Beacon Collection offers a fresh take on the tried and true natural fiber rug. The carefully crafted patterns are softened by beautiful tonal variations that imbue each piece with its own unique character.

Product Features

  • Construction: Hand Woven
  • This Loloi rug was made in a GoodWeave Certified facility, which means that no child was involved in the process of making this rug from field to floor
  • Due to its handmade nature, each rug is unique and one of a kind
  • Material: 60% Jute, 40% Cotton
  • Jute is a fibre made from the stems of a tropical plant. Jute is renewable and bio-degradeable. The fibres are long, soft and shiny. When spun they become thick and strong, making jute rugs very durable and long lasting
  • The warm, earth tones of jute makes its a cozy piece that is best suited for casual settings although many use them in formal settings as well because of its naturally soft texture
  • The natural brown colour of jute makes stains less noticeable


  • Brand: Loloi
  • Collection: Loloi
  • Handmade in India
  • Designed in USA
  • Colour: Sea
  • Location: Indoor use

About the Brand

At age 58, Amir Loloi still speaks with youthful excitement when he describes his travels to India. As owner and head designer of Loloi Rugs, Amir has traveled the Indian countryside for the past 25 years searching for the best weavers and craftspeople. During his travels, he would hop from village to village, visiting the artisans themeslves. Different shops have different specialities. At each factory, he sits with the craftsmen, sipping tea and trading ideas. It is during these conversations that these beautiful creations begin. Loloi's mission is to bring new life to a centuries-old craft. Whether it be the dipdyeing of wool or the intricate task of weaving, there is a proud artisan who keeps this time-honored tradition alive. It is behind the walls of these village factories where looms takeover machinery and artisans takeover engineers. Loloi is a brand that brings the best spaces together with intention, where a good rug does more than tie the room together, it sets the home apart.

Loloi is also a proud partner with GoodWeave International, a non-profit company that takes a holistic approach to ending child labour. Their efforts include conducting audits in rug factories in India to ensure no child, forced or bonded labour is used to make the rugs. They also raise funds to support child education in rural parts of India.

About Jute

While jute might remind you of the thick, coarse twine that you find at gardening stores, when weaved into a rug, jute is actually quite soft especially when blended with chenille. Made from dried plant fibres, jute rugs are often left in their original golden-tan colour giving them a natural beauty that is warm and inviting.

Because jute is a natural material, it is quite absorbent. This means that it is typically not recommended for homes with young pets that are not yet potty trained. Odours from doggie accidents will be difficult to rid. Jute rugs are also not suggested for humid or damp environments such as a bathroom or a mud room. If exposed to moisture for long periods of time, the rug will become moldy, mildewed and fall apart. Asides from these above mentioned factors, jute rugs are relatively low maintenance. Regular vacuuming usually does the trick.

Care Instructions

  • Clean spills immediately by blotting with a clean, white dry sponge or cloth
  • Appropriate rug pad is highly recommended on all surfaces to prevent slipping, add cushion, and improve durability
  • The color may transfer and should not be placed directly over existing carpet
  • For vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or one where you can set the bar to the highest pile setting. If your vacuum has variable power settings, set on low. Vacuum full length of the rug, turn and repeat to the next area, rather than back and forth motion. We do not recommend the use of robot vacuum cleaners
  • Do not worry if lint appears as this is residue fibres produced during cutting
  • If you find a long or loose threads, cut it with scissors. Never pull it
  • Do not steam clean

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