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How to Choose Your Contemporary Area Rugs

par Staff Account février 17, 2022 8 lire la lecture

How to Choose Your Contemporary Area Rugs

It’s time to decorate your living room! Whether renovating or designing it from scratch, don’t neglect the impact of carpets. They are an integral component of any décor. That’s why this guide reveals everything on choosing contemporary area rugs.

If those arae your preference, you’ll discover everything about these units below. The article discusses materials and questions to ask when choosing contemporary rugs. If that sounds good, start reading to become an expert on the topic.

The Difference Between Major Rug Types

The market offers three different carpeting solutions:

  • Traditional – these usually feature Victorian, European, Persian, and other Oriental patterns. These are classic designs that go back for centuries. The color range often includes brown, black, red, and white. The styles vary from floral shapes to hexagons and diamonds.
  • Transitional – these units look classic but are also a step forward from the traditional rugs. Their design makes them suitable for a variety of homes.
  • Contemporary – the other word for these products is modern. You can consider their design more suitable for the Western world. Thanks to that, they fit well in informal living rooms and homes looking to follow the latest trends. Some even believe these units are artwork due to their unique appearance. They can look neutral but also feature bold colors and styles.

What are the Main Benefits of Contemporary Area Rugs?

Why would you even purchase a modern carpeting solution? The obvious reason is that it suits your taste. Apart from that, these are the advantages offered by these units.

Design Diversity

You won't find any restrictions when it comes to how these units look. They abandoned the classic Oriental styles. Instead, they seem more modern and Western-like by design. The influence comes from various regions of the world. Thanks to that, these units have impressive versatility. It's all about finding the appearance that meets your expectations.

A Bold Look

Who says that carpet can't be the room's focal point? The thing about contemporary modern area rugs is that they often feature a vibrant and intense design. Thanks to those choices, you can make a true statement with the selected unit.

The color selection is also more impressive than in traditional rugs. You'll often see neutral tones of grey, but also bold and bright colors. Edgy lines and patterns are frequently a part of these carpets, making them perfect for those looking for originality.

A Minimalistic Design

You'll easily find a contemporary rug that fits your desired décor. Those aiming for a minimalistic approach will appreciate a sleek and refined appearance. Some carpets feature clean lines and a fairly simple design. That can secure an elegant look, which will be in line with the rest of the living room.

Warmth and Comfort

High-quality, contemporary rugs are a warm and soft solution for any surface. They go particularly well as a contrast to hardwood floors. These carpets are comfortable, and you'll like stepping on them. Depending on the size, they can also serve as an area where children and pets can play.

What Is the Best Material for a Contemporary Rug?

A crucial consideration when choosing a modern carpeting solution is fiber. Manufacturers often pick different compounds for production. Homeowners can pick natural or synthetic options, and these are the common ones.

Natural Fibers

These units are eco-friendly because they come from sustainable materials. The quality is usually at a high level, and that also leads to exceptional durability. If you want to pick a natural fiber, these are your best options.


Those looking for the ultimate durability should go with this material. Wool contemporary area rugs can withstand the effects of time well. That's why they keep their original appearance for years, especially when maintained properly.

You can dye wool easily, which is why you can find a variety of colors. Whether you need a black area rug or prefer bright shades, this material is a smart choice. You can place these units in high-traffic places. That makes them adequate for living rooms and families with pets and children.

Another benefit of wool is that it resists moisture. It won't absorb liquids, but you should clean the stain quickly to ensure there's no long-term damage.

These carpets are suitable for the winter as they provide decent warmth. Some shedding is normal but shouldn't affect the overall rug's durability. You should always go for products made of 100% wool to experience all benefits of this material.


You might not think that this is a potential carpet material. The manufacturers often use it to make natural fiber rugs. Cotton isn't only a sustainable substance but also extremely soft. Thanks to that, it provides comfort and warmth once you step on the unit. If you have hardwood floors, this can be the perfect complimentary item.

Cotton isn't the most durable, but it's easy to maintain. You can place it in the washing machine whenever it requires cleaning. These are also affordable choices, so you can pick them if the budget is tight.

Other Natural Fibers

Wool and cotton are the most popular materials, but the market also offers alternatives. Those looking for sustainable fibers can try the following choices.

Here is a brief overview of the available choices:

  • Sisal – this material is durable and long-lasting. The compound is hypo-allergenic, making it a good choice if you are allergic to wool.
  • Jute – it's another example of rough substance. It doesn't offer the softness of cotton or wool, but its longevity is impressive. Additionally, the ruggedness allows more freedom when designing weaves and textures.
  • Viscose – this material is soft when you step on it. Apart from offering a color variety, it also absorbs moisture well.
  • Silk – it's incredibly comfortable, but durability isn't its strongest suit. You can even use this material for a small rug next to the big wool carpet.

Synthetic Fibers

These are usually more affordable than natural alternatives. That makes them a good choice for contemporary round area rugs and other large surfaces. Here are the most common synthetic materials.


This material is frequently present in different products. It's affordable and durable, which makes it a fine choice for contemporary rugs. Polyester doesn't offer an impressive variety in colors. It's resistant to fading and bleaching, which contributes to longevity. It will absorb oil, which could result in long-term stains on the carpet.


Its other name is polypropylene, and it's common in rugs. You could compare its softness to wool. The other benefits include resistance to stain and fading. The material will keep its original color for a long time.

Olefin carpets are suitable for outdoor environments. That's why they might not be classic indoor area rugs. If you go with them, don't put them in areas with frequent traffic. You could start noticing abrasion and soiling after a while.


This synthetic fiber offers an endless variety of colors and styles. It's easy to clean and remove crumbs and dirt from it. That makes them suitable for those homeowners who don't want to waste much time maintaining their rug. Nylon is vulnerable to fading.

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Area Rug

Did you pick the desired material? It’s now time to move on to other factors of the carpet selection process. Many things depend on your preference. These questions will help with your choice.

1. What's Your Preferred Design?

There are three subcategories to consider in this area – color, pattern, and style. You already picked the latter since you are going with a modern rug. These detailed explanations will help you identify a suitable choice for your room.


The initial requirement to consider when picking a carpet solution is color. There's no point in selecting a product if you don't like its shade. A huge selection is available for these units. That ranges from contemporary blue area rugs to brighter options like orange or red.

Apart from your preference, make sure the carpet fits the rest of the décor. Contrast is the smart way to go here. If the furniture and wall fixtures are neutral, go with a rug that has a bold color selection. Alternatively, grey or similar solutions work better if the upholstery features vivid designs.


Do you even need a specific pattern? Can you fit a simple-designed carpet in the room? Here is an example – if you have patented furniture with vivid colors, a solid pattern will fit well. It will deliver the grounding effect that the area requires.

But if you'd like the rug to be the focal point, don't hesitate to experiment with patterns. Modern carpeting solutions offer a huge variety of shades and combinations. Whether you go for dramatic lines or other unique shapes, make sure it fits the area and your taste.

2. Does It Need to Be Soft?

Cotton and wool are famous for their softness. If you need that carpet type, those materials are a smart pick. Those solutions offer warmth and are suitable for children and pets.

If you place the product in an area where not many people will step on the rug, softness isn't a priority. You can go with rugged fibers like olefin or jute.

A pro tip suggests positioning a rug pad beneath the product. It can ensure that there's no slipping once you step on the unit. That's important to avoid potential slips and injuries. It'll also protect the flooring surface from potential scratches and other damage.

3. What Size Do You Need?

The next consideration is size. Most manufacturers will offer the same rug in multiple sizes. That means you can place a 2'x3' unit in a small area but go with larger options for living rooms. The maximum dimensions often go to 9'x11' or even bigger.

An excellent piece of advice is to identify where you will place the carpet first. Measure the distance where you will position it. You’ll have the dimensions to seek in the market. Once you establish the desired length and width, it should be easier to find a suitable unit.

4. Do You Plan on Placing It Under the Table?

Are you positioning a white coffee table in the living room, and you need a rug to place underneath? If yes, determine the size depending on that unit. Measure it and make sure the carpet is approximately five inches longer and wider than it. If you have an option to try this setting, you'll find it's the most visually pleasing.

You can also go with a huge carpet that will go through the entire living room. That means placing it under the table, but also below the seating area, including chairs and sofas.

5. Is It Difficult to Maintain the Rug?

Start by being honest to yourself – how much time are you willing to invest in cleaning your carpet? If the answer is not much, pick a product that's machine-washable. That way, whenever it needs a thorough clean, the appliance will do most of the job.

Read the description to learn how well the rug resists moisture. Having children and pets means an increased risk of spills. That's why materials like wool and viscose can be a smart choice. Even if they don't absorb liquids well, make sure to clean the unit as soon as you notice a stain. That will reduce the risk of potentially permanent damage.

6. What's Your Budget?

Do you know how much money you set aside for the purchase? A rug's price depends on its size, material, and brand. Bigger carpeting solutions will usually be more expensive. 

It's the fiber that primarily affects the cost. Synthetic materials are cheaper, and you can pay less for a polyester than a wool rug. The prices vary significantly. Some fibers have a tag of around $50-$150, while others go over $1,000. That's why you should investigate and establish a range that fits your budget.

Final Thoughts

A huge advantage of contemporary area rugs is that they offer style versatility. It ranges from simple and elegant designs to bold color selections that allow making a statement. 

It's all about picking a unit that fits your preference. From stylish navy area rugs to unique design, don’t hesitate to choose your favorite. That way, you'll love looking at it whenever you enter the room!

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