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Kids Area Rugs: 11 Best Tips Keep It Clean

par Staff Account janvier 27, 2022 5 lire la lecture

Kids Area Rugs: 11 Best Tips Keep It Clean

Anyone with kids knows just how messy they can be. Juice spillages, mud, and bits of food are bound to appear wherever your child goes. So, it’s a good idea to know how to keep your kids’ area rug clean.

However, with all the stresses and demands of life and parenting, it can be a hassle keeping up with the best tips and tricks.

You don’t have to miss out. Read on to find out why keeping kids area rugs clean can be easy!

Kids Area Rugs Top Cleaning Tips

1. Check If It’s Machine Washable

Save yourself time and hassle by first checking whether you can put that dirty rug in the washing machine. If you’ve lost the wash instruction tag, a safe bet is to use cold water and detergent.

2. Baking Soda

This is a good method of getting rid of odors. Sprinkle it in before you hoover a rug to get rid of those bad smells.

3. Steam It

If you have stubborn stains or just want to give your rug a thorough deep clean, steaming it can be effective - if the material allows it. This method can be very effective if your rug is too big to fit into a washing machine. It also loosens dirt, dissolves grime, and kills nasty bacteria. Make sure you vacuum it first.

4. Tackle Stains Immediately

The longer you leave stains, the harder they will be to remove. It may be tempting to leave that small stain on an otherwise spotless rug but you’ll regret it when you wash it and find it permanent.

The stain remover is best, but a solution of vinegar and tonic water can work if you prefer a natural solution. Make sure you dab and not scrub, as scrubbing can damage and unravel rug fibers.

Finally, check what sort of material the cleaner is safe for - using the wrong material on natural fibers can damage the rug.

5. Freeze It

For longer pile kids rooms area rugs, using ice to freeze and solidify clumped spillages such as peanut butter, play dough or putty works wonders and helps you to remove the debris in one piece.

6. Vacuum It Often

Regularly vacuuming a rug may be a pain, but it will prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria in the deep pile of the material. Your rug will be easier to keep clean and your kids won’t inhale or eat bacteria or other nasties hiding there.

7. Check Your Labels

Avoid using strong chemicals or bleach, especially on synthetic or dyed rugs - it can cause the colors to run and damage the material. If you must use these, the first spot checks them on a small area to see if the colors run.

8. Make Sure Your Rug Is Suitable

Before you get a rug, make sure that it’s going to be suitable for your home environment. Research materials and find one that’s resistant to stains and spillages by your kids. Head off those stains before they start!

9. Seek Professional Help

Consider having your rug professionally cleaned, especially if it’s an expensive one. An expert deep clean every now and again can work wonders for a rug. Show it some love and it will stay with you longer!

10. Keep It On The Move

Regularly rotating area rugs for kids can even out the normal wear and tear they will be subject to through everyday use. All items degrade over time - rugs are no exception.

Moving your rug can reduce the amount of time it spends exposed to the sun if it’s usually near a window. This lowers the chance of UV damage.

If your child spends a lot of time on one area of the rug, try turning it around occasionally to stop that part from becoming worn out. Another way to decrease damage is to impose a ‘no-shoe policy’ in your kids’ play area.

11. Keep It Dry

You must try and keep kids’ bedroom area rugs dry at all times. This is important if they regularly spill liquids in the play area -  a wet rug can breed mold and mildew which can be harmful to children’s respiratory systems. Dry it in the sun or using a fan or dryer after cleaning it.

What Types of Rugs Are Safe for Babies?

Purchasing that first rug for your newborn can be a daunting task, as there are so many options on the market. Below is a handy list so you can rest assured that when you’re picking out a rug for your baby to play on, you know you’re getting the right one.

Synthetic or Organic?

Treated synthetic rugs are made using chemicals to give them eye-catching colors, make them mold-resistant and strengthen the material. But, they can also give off harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as traces of pesticides.

It can be tempting to purchase a synthetic rug due to its price and longevity. However, the potential hidden dangers to your child and the environment may outweigh the benefits.

Some examples of harmful chemicals that go into the construction of a synthetic rug include:

Synthetic fibers - Some synthetic rugs contain fibers such as polypropylene (acrylic, polyester, and nylon), which can release harmful volatile organic compounds over time. Even some natural fibers are treated with pesticides and chemicals, so watch out.

Toxic dyes – They give rugs vibrant colors, but the harsh chemicals needed to treat natural coloring-resistant synthetic fibers may cause skin problems and allergic reactions in your baby. They can also cause breathing problems.

Adhesives and glues – They’re used to bind fabrics together. They can contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which are also bad for the environment.

Pesticides and fungicides - These are sometimes used to make rugs mold and insect-resistant, but also contain chemicals harmful to you and your baby.

Flame-retardant compounds - Synthetic rugs can be treated with substances designed to make them fire repellent/retardant. However, they can cause health problems, especially in the early years.

Perfluorinated compounds - They increase the stain and water-repellent properties of synthetic rugs but can also interfere with neurodevelopment in babies.

Natural Materials

If you don’t want to buy a synthetic rug for your baby, what should you choose? Natural materials that are safe for your baby include:

Cotton - Breathable, versatile, and comfortable, cotton is a super soft material that can bring comfort and style to your playroom.

Wool - Resilient, durable, very soft, and water and stain-resistant. A wool rug will last a long time and provide a soft and high-quality play area for your little one as they take their first steps and beyond.

Sheepskin - Cozy and luxurious, these rugs are soft and comfortable - the perfect material for your baby to fall asleep on. Make sure you purchase a synthetic or ‘faux’ type to ensure sustainability.

Rougher materials such as jute and sisal are hard-wearing but can be uncomfortable and scratchy for baby skin.  


Now you know some of the best cleaning tips. You know when to stick that rug in the washing machine when to tackle stains, when to use ice, and when to hoover!

You know the best materials to use for a baby rug - synthetic materials, while durable and colorful, can be harmful and are bad for the environment. 

These fun ABC kids area rugs are 100% cotton, and they’re non-toxic - safe for you, your baby, and the planet!

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