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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips!

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips!

Now that spring is in the air, we are all itching for the warmer weather to come. Before we get there though, I am trying to schedule a spring cleaning in our home. Years ago, when we moved province, we took a long time packing because we didn't do spring cleaning faithfully. We thought we should share with you our research on spring cleaning (yes, we did, and we downloaded a couple checklist!). Some points are just a reminder but there are some things that we didn't think of before. Read through our spring cleaning tips below and please let us know if you have some tips or hacks in your home:

1. First and foremost, make a plan!

This year, we are assigning our younger family members to help us with spring cleaning. If you don't have kids, invite your brother, sister, friend, neighbor, whoever you're close and can help you cleaning. They might not be scrubbing the floor but when it comes to decluttering, I found my friend slash neighbor, is the best person to be with. She forces me to think when I last used or wore that piece. If I haven't been using or wearing the piece for six months, it goes to the donation bin. One thing we also learn from donaiton bin, once they go to the bin, we will go to the donation facilities immediately so the items don't live in our home or our car trunk. 
Aside from assigning help, we also make a plan to focus on one room at a time: living room, office, bedroom, nursery and such. It is essential to us that we finish what we started. That way, we feel energized seeing the results and the difference a new, clean, decluttered room. 

2. Declutter

We find this is a big job and easiest to be done with a  friend or a family member who can keep you accountable. First of all, we need to put things back to place and slowly take out bin per bin, drawer per drawer or shelf per shelf. For example, in the kitchen, you can start with putting everything on the counter back to where they belong so you have an open area to work on. And then start pulling your drawers, work  on them one by one, put the cutleries into the dishwasher and give the drawers a good wipe or wash. Make sure they are dry before you put back everything back to where they belong. 

3. Clean top to bottom

This is a method that we learned recently and are so excited to share here. In the past, we just cleaned based on our memory. Sometimes, we would pull out a hat just before we walked out the door and saw the unorganized bin in the coat rack. We would make a mental note that we would deal with it in the weekend or when we have time (or during spring cleaning ;)). During the spring cleaning, we forgot that there are other areas to work on. This is a helpful tip for spring cleaning as it's recommended that we clean everything top to bottom. From our example in the kitchen above, start with the kitchen surfaces first before you address the drawers, top to bottom. If you clean the scrums on the top drawers, they might fall to the lower drawers, and that is where you clean next. 

The same way when we are cleaning our living room or bedroom. We start cleaning the ceilings and walls. We then move on to windows and mirrors. The last one will be the floor where we vacuum the rugs or carpet and sweep our floors. The dust from the ceilings and walls will fall to the floor and we clean the floor last. It is so logical but we don't know about you, noone has told us this before and it makes so much sense! 

4. Organize

We actually find organizing is our favourite part of the activity. We love The Home Edit and whenever we have an opportunity to organize, we feel like sisters of Joanna and Clea! 
The have taught us so well and we are quoting some of their methods below.
After decluttering and putting every thing back to where they are. Look for an area in your home where it needs some organization. For us this time is our living room console. We have unopened and opened mails, a stack of paper and gas receipts and some supplies to open letters and write notes (pens, pencils, notepads from different agencies and realtors in the area!).
We are organizing them to three categories at the moment, To Do, File and Recycle. We put bills that need to be paid and letters that need to be resent/addressed in To Do. Once they're done, they either are ready to go into File or Recycle if you don't need them anymore. 
When organizing our living room, we also like a system that our young ones can easily help and contribute. One of them is assigning a drawer for their toys separate from their books. Or a woven basket for all the blankets. This will help everyone to know where things need to go and we are not the only ones who are in charge of organizing and making sure our home is clean and tidy all the time.

5. Add spring or summer touches

We love bringing nature and texture into our living areas. Adding greeneries and florals are part of making our home feels like spring and summer are in our homes. Some greeneries that are easy to maintain and care for are pothos and snake plants. 
Adding a new rug into our living room or bedroom is part of making our home feels a lot cozier. 

We love these from Lorena Canals and Oh Happy Home: 
This is the end of our spring cleaning tips and we would love to hear from you what you think! 

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