Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals Rugs are much loved by new moms and dads around the world because not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are also 100% Machine Washable making clean-up quick and easy.  Let kids be kids around a Lorena Canals Rug knowing that it will not get ruined. 

Lorena Canals Rugs are made of 100% natural Cotton material and all-natural dyes making it hypoallergenic, soft and extremely comfortable.  Each rug is rigorously tested and is certified with the AITEX Certificate (Technologic & Textile Institute), which safely authenticates the compliance for products intended for newborns and children. 

All Lorena Canals rugs are produced ethically and sustainably where responsible labour practices are enforced.  Their social mission is to give back to the communities in which the rugs are made.  The SAKÛLA Project is one such mission, providing funding for a nursery that hosts 120 boys and girls offering them a safe place to stay, to receive a meal and to get the education they need.  Read more about Lorena Canals on our blog here.

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