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The ROO Test


Rugs by Roo is about bringing joy, ease and peace of mind to families starting with the rugs you bring into your home.  Every rug we carry in our store is assessed for the quality of its materials and the absence of harmful sprays or glues.  With quality materials also come durability.  Finally, we understand that everything we make leaves an impact on the earth that comes back to our children one day.  That is why sustainable and ethical production practices is important to us.

The ROO Test

When seeking out brands that we stand behind, the ROO Test is our 3 step checklist. 

We understand that not all brands are alike and even within the same brand, not all rugs are made the same.  We vet not only the brand but we are also selective in the collections within each brand that we carry in our store.  We believe transparency is key and you will always know what goes into a rug that you buy from us before you buy it.

The Roo Test:  Step 1:  Child

Step 1:  The Child Test

We are parents too and have our own version of Roo at home.  We want Roo to enjoy their rugs without worrying about ruining it.  That is why the rugs we carry have to be practical. 

We only carry rugs made from high quality materials such as wool or cotton that can withstand abuse and messes.  Washability and ease of cleaning is also one of the key factors we look for.

In our store, you will find 'care instructions' listed for each rug we sell.  That way, you can decide for yourself how "washable" you need your rug to be to match your version of Roo at home.

The Roo Test:  Step 3:  Health

Step 2: The Health Test

The choice of rug you buy really depends on a number of factors - Which room is the rug for?  Who are the members in your household?  What is your lifestyle?  What is your budget? 

While everyone knows that a certified organic rug is the healthiest choice out there, not everyone has the budget for one.  The demand for an organic rug would also be less important in a mud room verses in a child's bedroom.  That is why we believe transparency is key.

We work with experts to determine whether or not a material or ingredient is safe for our health and our environment.  From there, we strive to be transparent with the materials used in the making of each rug down to its fibres, dyes and glues so that you can make an informed decision. 

The Roo Test: Step 3: Ethical

Step 3:  The Ethical Test

We care about you and your family.  We also care about the families who make our rugs and the environments from where our materials are extracted from.  That is why we created the ethical test.  

Many of our partners are GoodWeave certified, which provides assurance that no child labour, bonded labour or forced labour is involved in the making of the rugs.  Some of our partners also have programs that train women to become artisans so that they can support their families, and provide their children with proper education.  

Farming cotton is often very harmful to the health of the farmers due to the heavy pesticides used in the crop fields.  The same goes for wool where sheeps are often sprayed with insecticides.  We strive to seek out brands that use organic cotton and organic wool in their production process.  Not only is it healthier for us but it is also healthier for our farmers and sheeps.

How It Works

We do not claim to sell only the healthiest rugs on the planet.  If that was the case, we'd have very little to sell to you and only a small population would be able to afford it.  Instead, we are about finding healthier rug options for your home that fit your budget level.

We are about bringing a base level of standard to our rugs, such as them being made with a non-synthetic material, is free from flame retardants and harmful chemical sprays, and not made by a child.  These are the non-negotiable.  Anything beyond that is the cherry on top depending on your budget and personal tolerance level.

We rank our products into three grades:  Good, Better and Best


This rating is for items that are mostly made of healthy materials and contain a low percentage of synthetic fibres or chemicals.

Examples include:

  • Wool rug made with commercial dyes

While the wool is great for durability and is a naturally derived fibre, the commercial dyes have the potential of emitting toxins into the air.  While this may not be the healthiest option on the market, it usually comes with a decent price point and is still a Good option compared to a synthetic rug 

  • Basket made with cotton recycled PET blended yarn
While most of the basket is made of cotton using natural dyes, recycled PET is a plastic material that reduces its quality and health score


This rating is for items that are made of healthy materials and dyes but may contain traces of insecticide or pesticides as the fibres are not certified organic.

An example would be a non-organic cotton rug made with natural dyes and is free from glues, flame retardants and sprays.


This rating is for items that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  Every component of the rug down to its fibres, dyes and glues (if any) are GOTS certified.

An example would be the Organic Weave brand of rugs that offers the purest and safest option on the market.  This category of rugs typically do come with a higher price point and in our opinion, is well worth it in the long run.


Note:  We are still in the process of rolling out the ROO Rating scorecard on every one of our product listings.  If you would like to know the rating on an item that hasn't yet gotten its official rating, please do reach out to our customer service team ( to find out.