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Our Values

Core Values Rugs by Roo

Our Mission

To bring joy to the families that house our rugs as well as those who make them

The values we instil in our own home is not that different than the values we bring into Rugs by Roo.  As parents, health, safety, sustainability and quality are at the forefront of all our purchasing decisions.  We prefer to live with less than to live with more if it means compromising on quality.  By making smarter purchasing decisions, we produce less wastage allowing us to live sustainably and responsibly.  At Rugs by Roo, it is very similar.  We aim to bring to you brands that are sustainably, responsibly and ethically made.  Living sustainably is a lifestyle choice and by sharing our personal experiences with you, we hope to inspire you to shop with intention.

Our Core Values
rugs by roo core value compassionrugs by roo core value sincerityrugs by roo core value empowermentrugs by roo core value adaptive tenacity

Inspired by our favourite pottery company East Fork, with permission (pending)