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Lorena Canals 100% Machine Washable Rug

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It is one thing to create a beautifully designed rug.  It is another thing to put our needs and concerns as parents at the forefront and to create a rug that is 100% machine washable.  Never, in the history of rug making, did anyone think of such an idea.  But it makes so much sense...especially to a family with two young kids and a beagle that sheds all year round. 

I was a huge fan of Lorena Canals long before Rugs by Roo was born.  I fell in love the moment I saw her Happy Prism rug for the first time.  I didn't know rugs could evoke so much joy and vibrance.  I later learned that I could easily throw the entire rug into the washer and it comes out like new.  It was like I just got served an ice cream sundae with extra caramel sauce drizzled on top.

And THAT wasn't all.  Read on as I later discover that there's an added cherry on top!

As my love for this brand grew, I began to learn more about Lorena's story and their production process.

She spends a great deal of time in India where she owns two factories.  By keeping the manufacturing in-house, her designers are able to work side by side with her 170 artisans to ensure every handmade piece is made to perfection.

The brand prides themselves on quality in every aspect of production, from sourcing the best raw materials to socially responsible labour practices.  Every piece is made with natural fabrics, natural dyes and uses traditional means of production that are low on carbon footprint, making the entire process environmentally friendly.

And now the big fat cherry on top....  


In 2008, Lorena Canals built a nursery in Haryana, India, a remote part of India where education was considered a rare privilege.  The nursery took children off the streets and into a place that was safe and secure.  The nursery gave them a place to stay, to receive a meal and to get the education they needed.  

As of today, the nursery hosts 120 kids and the number continues to grow every year.

Every time Lorena Canals sells a rug, whether its online or through one of their retailers such as Rugs by Roo, proceeds go towards funding the nursery and their programs.  It gives me so much pride to know that we are a part of something so special.

Lorena Canals defines the future of retail.  As a small business, we have a responsibility to source ethically and sustainably.  And a large part of our role as a retailer is to educate consumers to make better choices.  By offering them better brands, they are not only getting a better product that is designed with intent and thoughtfulness, but they are also supporting a social cause that is important to this world.  

I hope you enjoy reading about the stories we share here and continue to support smarter consumer choices.  

Thanks for reading!


Sandy Wong 
Owner, photographer, wife and mom to two awesome kids and a pet beagle

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