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4 Best Machine Washable Area Rugs For Kids

janvier 10, 2022 4 lire la lecture

4 Best Machine Washable Area Rugs For Kids

Little kids love playing on rugs. Unfortunately, they have a habit of making a real mess while they’re at it.

Thankfully, there are many area rugs that can be washed using a machine. And these will make cleaning hassle-free.

Keep reading, as you will discover what are the best machine washable area rugs for kids.

Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Machine Washable Area Rug

Cleaning rugs can sometimes be a huge challenge for couples with kids. This is when having a rug you can easily toss into a washing machine can be a lifesaver.

If you want an area rug that’s easy to machine-wash, then consider these factors first.

1. First ensure it is machine washable

Remember, not all area rugs are machine-washable. Some can only be washed by hand or by a professional service.

This is why it’s absolutely necessary to check the details of the rug before you make your purchase. Ask the seller to know if the rug can be washed with a machine or not.

2. Consider the size

Washable rugs come in different dimensions. And this is why you should be conscious of the size you are buying.

If the area rug is on the big side, then your washing machine has to be big enough to contain it.

Simply put, the capacity of your machine should determine the size of the rug you buy.

If you insist on having a larger-sized rug, then you’ll have to take it to a commercial cleaner when it’s dirty.

3. Put the material into consideration

Synthetic materials are commonly used to make machine washable area rugs. This is because they can resist the machine’s pounding better than organic materials.

This is not to say you can’t find washable rugs that are made with natural materials.

There are wool and cotton-made rugs you can wash with a machine. But these are usually more expensive.

So, make sure that you buy the rug with the right material to avoid having trouble washing it with a machine.

4. Consider the cleaning routine

Being machine-washable doesn’t mean you have to take them for a spin all the time. You can do a simple spot-clean or vacuum on a regular basis.

Be sure to save the machine wash for spills and stubborn stains. Doing this will significantly reduce the wear and tear of your area rug.

Machine Washable Area Rugs For Kids You Should Consider Buying

All relevant factors taken into consideration, here are some machine-washable area rugs you should consider buying for the sake of your kids.

1. Lorena Canals Air Dune White Natural Machine Washable Area Rug

This hand-made area rug by Lorena Canals is manufactured in India. And it is made using traditional methods.

You’d be glad to hear that it is made with 100% natural cotton and non-toxic dyes. This means your kids will not be exposed to the out-gasses that most synthetic rugs produce.

The natural dyes also do a good job of keeping the rug lightweight, flexible, and soft.

It is tough enough to withstand rigorous play and soft enough for your kid's comfort.

The natural fiber is also friendly to those with sensitive allergies.

Another good thing about cotton is that it’s easy to clean. This will make each wash a breeze!

2. Kroma Carpets Washable Faux Sheepskin Round Grey Area Rug

Your kids will love this rug. It is made of faux fur and it is ideal for nurseries, being that it can withstand constant activity.

Don’t assume its toughness equals discomfort. This rug feels really good on bare skin. And this is why it’s a great choice for your kids' bare knees and feet.

3. Lorena Canals Tribu Natural Washable Area Rug

Here’s another machine-washable rug you should consider. It is hand-made, and this adds a lot to its uniqueness.

Just like the first Lorena Canals rug mentioned in this article, it is also made with 100% cotton and non-toxic dyes.

It simultaneously offers you a combination of toughness and comfort. You can rest assured that your kids' bare feet and knees will be without sores after playing on the rug.

This rug does enough to cater to those with sensitive allergies. It is also very light, so getting it off the floor and throwing it into the machine is a hassle-free task.

Keep in mind though, you don’t have to give it a machine wash all the time. You can vacuum or blot out minor stains. Only wash with a machine in the event of spills and tough stains.

With this cleaning habit, you’ll be giving the rug a chance to last longer and maintain a brand-new look!

4. Kroma Carpets Washable Faux Sheepskin Rectangle Lavender Area Rug

Sheepskin is as comfy as you can imagine. In fact, it is so soft, that your kids can actually fall asleep on it.

It can be laid over hardwood or tiles and can blend in with almost any interior décor you have. You can also place it over an already-existing carpet or over your bed for extra warmth.

Maintaining this rug is as simple as ABC. It can be vacuumed or machine-washed, depending on the severity of the stain.

As I can imagine, you would want some durability added to the comfort. The good news is, this rug is made with overlock backing, which provides much-desired sturdiness.

Can Ruggables Be Vacuumed?

Yes, you can vacuum your ruggables. It would be no more difficult than vacuuming your tiles or wooden floors.

To get the desired result, be advised to set your vacuum to the lowest suction power. Also keep the brush or beater bar turned off, as this would reduce wear and tear.


There you have it, four best machine washable area rugs for kids.

Remember to consider the relevant factors before you buy. These include size, materials, and your cleaning routine.

To keep your rug looking fresher for longer, only wash with a machine when dealing with tough stains.

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