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5 Easy Steps To Remove Slime Out Of Your Play Area Rug

par Staff Account janvier 13, 2022 4 lire la lecture

5 Easy Steps To Remove Slime Out Of Your Play Area Rug

Slime has become a very popular plaything for kids. Unfortunately, it can leave a real mess on the play area rug.

If you’re having difficulties getting rid of the mess, then you’re reading the right article.

Stay with me!

How Do You Get Slime Out Of An Area Rug?

Removing slime from your rug can be a real hassle if you’ve never had to deal with it before. However, there are several means by which you can solve the problem.

The easiest way would be to call a professional rug cleaning service. This will cost you more, but you can be sure the job will be expertly done.

During the course of this article, I will be giving you more detailed tips on how to remove slime from your kid’s play area rug.

Step-by-step Guide To Get Slime Off The Play Area Rug

Follow these simple steps to remove slime from your area rugs

First step: Use a knife or paint scraper to peel off the excess slime

This is a procedure you want to do carefully. You may damage your rug if you rush the process!

Begin from the outer parts of the slime, then gently move on to the inner parts. Be sure to get as much loose slime as you can. It will make the next step easier.

Second step: Whip up a dash of vinegar and warm water solution

Use 1/3 cup of warm water and 2/3 cup of distilled white vinegar to make a simple solution. Slime is usually made with borax or glue, and vinegar can easily break them down.

Spread the solution across the slime, but be sure not to soak up the rug while you’re at it. The solution is meant to hit the slime, and not saturate the rug.

In a case where the slime has dried up and gotten deep into the rug, you can leave the solution to soak in for an extra 15 to 20 minutes.

Third step: Loosen the slime with a scrubbing brush

Grab a scrubbing brush and get to work. Put in enough pressure to split the already broken-down slime.

Use enough force to break the slime in a way the play area rug won’t get damaged.

Fourth step: Pat down the area with a dry towel

Get a clean dry towel and softly dab over the treated areas. Do this repeatedly until you have taken out as much slime as you can.

If you find that you missed some slime, you can repeat the steps above until it’s all gone.

When the slime particles are no longer visible, you can confidently move on to the fifth and final step!

Fifth step: Vacuum the rug

Wait for a while so all the moisture on the area rug can dry up. This should take between 30 minutes to an hour.

Touch the surface to be sure it’s dry, then do a quick vacuum. You can go over the area multiple times to be sure you’ve sucked up all the debris.

Items You’ll Need To Get The Job Done

Here are the tools and items you’ll need to effectively rid your rug of slime.

A paint scraper: A kitchen knife may suffice, but a paint scraper is more effective.

This is because it has a wider surface, and it can scoop up more slime than a knife.

An extra tip is to use a blunt paint scraper. If the edges are sharp, then there’s a big chance you’ll accidentally damage your rug in the process.

White distilled vinegar: The combination of white distilled vinegar and water is a superweapon against slime.

The best part is, it doesn’t damage your rug or change its color. The solution is also simple to make.

Scrubbing brush: The brush can be used to further break down the slime and get it out of your rug. Without it, the tiny bits of slime that are stuck in the rug won’t come out.

Be sure to use a brush that is easy to handle so you won’t feel any sores on your wrist after scrubbing. It should also be lightweight, as this will reduce fatigue.

Another good thing about using a scrubbing brush is that it won’t damage your rug during the process.

Vacuum cleaner: This is the tool you will need at the final stage of the cleaning process.

As soon as all the slime has been broken down, leave the rug to dry. You can then follow up with a quick but thorough vacuum around the affected areas.

This is a great chance for you to vacuum the rug as a whole.


How do I remove slime from my rug after it dries?

Truth be told, dried slime is much harder to get rid of. It’s tricky too because a wrong move can damage your rug. The good news is, a vinegar solution can break down the slime. 

All you have to do is get in deeper to where it is lodged. When it has been broken down, use a scrubbing brush to rip the slime apart. This will make it easy to vacuum the debris.

Repeat the process if necessary.

What do I do if all these tips fail to work?

If the slime doesn’t come off your rug after all the effort, then you should call a professional cleaning service. This will cost you some extra money, but you can be sure the pros will get the job done.

They are equipped with more powerful tools and cleaning solutions than the ones you have at home. And this gives them the upper hand at removing slime from your rug.


That’s it folks, 5 easy steps to remove slime out of your play area rug. These steps are easy to follow and anyone can do it. If all the tips fail, then call on a professional cleaning service to help you out.

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