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How Recycled Plastic Rugs Are Made

octobre 28, 2021 4 lire la lecture

How Recycled Plastic Rugs Are Made

Plastic rugs are made from recycled polypropylene. These types of rugs are distinct and more durable than most other rugs. They are easy to maintain, resistant to tear, and their beauty is of enviable longevity. 

Plastic rugs are cozy and soft underfoot. They feel and look like wool rugs. They are unbelievably beautiful and elegant and are ideal for making your living space lively and attractive.

Here is a quick view of how recycled plastic rugs were made. Thus, continue reading to find out how.

What is polypropylene, and where is it found?

Polypropylene is the combination of propylene monomers: this process is known as thermoplastic.It is possible to reform and melt it into plastic pellets for the production of new products

Today, thermoplastic is the most produced plastics worldwide. Its benefits are enormous and the demand is on the rise. They are safe for human use and are the most environmentally friendly plastic around. 

You can usePolypropylenes to make all kinds of plastic containers and toys. Polypropylenes plastics are an excellent choice for making top-quality rugs. The recyclability of this plastic type also helps with environmental pollution.

Rugs made from plastics are easy to maintain, and they can be cleaned with mild cleaning solutions. All these properties make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Recycledplastic rugs are available in different designs, patterns, sizes, and colors. Apart from making a living space beautiful, plastic rugs are also perfect for tent camping, picnics, and other outdoor events. This is possible because polypropylene rugs are water-resistant and durable.

Now that we all know that plastic rugs are made from polypropylene, how are these rugs made? How is polypropylene converted to rugs?

Making plastic rugs from polypropylene is a tedious and time-consuming process. So, let us take a look at how plastics are put together to generate a plastic rug.

Detailed Description of How Plastic Rugs are Made from Polypropylene.

1. Collection of Polypropylene Plastics

This is the easiest step in the whole process of making plastic rugs from polypropylene.

  • First, workers collect disposed plastics from various sources such as dumps and beaches. After the collection, the plastics are washed to remove dirt and foreign substances.
  • After the cleaning process, the workers pack the plastic into a grinder and chop it into pieces.
  • After the chopping process, they are then melted down to a thick liquid. The liquid is then cooled into little pellets for easy use by manufacturing companies.

2. Selecting Design and Coloring of Pellets

  • Before the rug manufacturing process, the design, color, and pattern of each rug are selected.
  • After, a sketch of each rug to be made is produced to ensure that the product spec is precise as envisioned.
  • Workers mix the pellets of recycled polypropylene and plastics with different colors. This helps in creating the desired color tone that will match the design. These different colors will become the base color for the rug’s creation.

3. Coloring and Re-melting

  • Specific colors are mixed with the melted polypropylene pellets. This is done based on the pattern and color of each rug design to be produced.
  • Once the color is mixed with the pellets, the resulting mixture is then re-melted into a thick liquid. This process is to ensure the proper and balanced distribution of color into the pellets.

4. Making of Strands of Yarn

  • The workers use the thick liquid gotten from the coloring and re-melting process to make yarns needed for the rug's weaving. 
  • Theliquid is fed through a pipe which is then pushed out into a pool of water. As the fluid in the pipe passes through the water, it forms into a solid state, forging long strands of straw-like structure.
  • The person in charge of the machine can adjust the pipes to different sizes, which will give a different thickness of the strands. The thickness varies from thin to thicker strands depending on the design of the rug to be made.
  • A quality control check is carried out to ensure all the straws are of the exact color and weight needed to make the specific rug design. This is done after the collection of the tubes' strands.
  • Any strands that are below the standard required will be recycled alongside the next batch of plastics.

5. Making of Rugs

  • The workers cut the yarn strands into different sizes needed to design the rug. This is done after the quality control assessment. They are also separated into varieties of colors. 
  • The yarn strands are then loaded into the loom, which helps in weaving the rugs. 
  • A worker oversees the rug's entire weaving process to prevent error and to ensure that the needed design is obtained. 
  • Once the rug weaving is completed. They are removed from the loom and moved to the next machine to cut and seal the edges.Once this process is done, a quality control check and inspection are carried out on the rug.
  • Every one of the unique mat designs has its own specific “mold,” which determines what the design should be. Also, it confirms how many colors to be used in theweaving process. 
  • After the mold has been loaded into the machine, the manual rugweaving begins. During the entire process, members of the factory staff monitor every machine. Their job is to ensure that is loop is threaded into the loom at the right time and correct place.


The process of making plastic rugs is stressful and time-consuming.From the collection of polypropylene plastics to cleaning to melting, and coloring. The procedure is a labor-intensive process.

But the beautiful, elegant, and strong finished product makes the stress worth it. The problem of plastic waste pollution is solved by making a plastic rug from waste makes this process worthwhile.

Rugs by Roo is one of the finest and largest collections of recycled plastic rugs from brands around the world. They offer their customers the best options in luxury recycled rugs. Make sure to find a wide selection of plastic rugs that will suit your bet.

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