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10 Tips for Styling Your Patio with Beautiful Area Rugs

10 Tips for Styling Your Patio with Beautiful Area Rugs

I am writing this while sitting outdoor in an odd April afternoon where the sun warms up the weather to the low 20s. All of my neighbors kept saying: I swear this never happened, must be the climate change! Regardless, I am happy to welcome this warmer weather and my Pinterest board has been full of patio inspiration!

I am sharing with you today the ten tips we are currently considering for our patio rug. 

10 tips to Style Your Patio with Beautiful Area Rugs:

1.  Find out the purpose of the space

The same way that we define the different functions of the rooms in our house, we need to know in advance the purpose of our patio. 
If you're lounging on the patio, choose an area rug that covers the seating area and make sure your rug is at least 8" wider than your lounge sets on both sides. If you're dining on the patio, the good rule of thumb is the rug is four feet longer and wider than your dining set. This will ensure when guests are seated, their feet and chairs are still resting on the rug. 

2. Measure the size of the patio and space

Something to consider when deciding on your patio rug, take into account the size of the space. A small rug can make a small space appear larger as it fills every corner of the patio. While a large rug can make it look like it's a larger space by appearing to cover "wall to wall".

3.  Select the materials

It is important to choose a durable and easy to clean material when placing any rug or furniture outdoor. Cotton rugs actually make really great patio rugs. 

A lot of people will not consider this and go for polypropylene or recycled PET rugs. However cotton rugs are much better for the environment and will not burn your feet on a hot day. 

We have a link to our patio rug options here and you can always send us an email to get our free consult if you're not sure about your design and options.  
The new popular material and great for outdoors use is recycled PET rugs. We do carry Jaipur Living Outdoor collections which can be found on our site. 

4. Pick a color and decor style

Next step is to pick a colour scheme that will complement your patio furniture and decor. We love neutral colors like gray and beige that are timeless and fit easily with the vibe of your patio. Choosing a darker colour like brown so it's easier to maintain is also an option. 

5. Add texture to your space

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, choose some textures that will draw eyes to your patio. Braided or woven rug can give a cozy and cottage feel to your outdoor space. 

6. Consider layering rugs on the patio

We love tricks in making one space appear larger or roomier than it is, layering rugs will create this illusion. A lot of interior designers now layer a patterned rug over a solid colored rug to add interest and illusion. 

7. Decide on patterns and design

There are certain feels that we can achieve from different patterns of the rugs. Stripes and geometric patterns create a modern look and complement a more contemporary style. 

While floral and paisley patterns are popular now in creating cozy, feminine and  bohemian look. 

8. Try to mix and match

There are so many options out there to add into one style. Try and do not be afraid to mix and match as long as the look goes together and creates a cozy outdoor space in your home. 

9. Care and maintenance of the space

We mentioned above about choosing a material that is easy to care and maintain. We suggest a washable cotton for this purpose. You want to enjoy your patio space with no fear of staining. If you spill, no sweat, the rug can go in the wash and come out spill and stain free!

10.  Add final touches

We love final touches to any rooms. Adding pillows and cushions to the outdoor space that go together with your rugs will make the space look a lot cozier!

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