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How to Clean and Maintain Kid-Friendly Rugs at Home

by Jennifer Liong June 08, 2023 2 min read

How to Clean and Maintain Kid-Friendly Rugs at Home

As I am writing this post, I am running the laundry and I can almost smell the fresh clean laundry. New and clean clothes bring so much joy to me. It's as if everything is new and I am  starting from the beginning again. 

Children love to play and roll around on the floor. We, at Rugs by Roo, love adding washable rugs because of this. The right rug gives an extra plush and comfort to our home. It's a bonus if it's washable! I would like to share with you today on how to maintain your rugs so they stay clean and long lasting. 

1. Regular vacuuming 

Regular vacuuming is the first step to ensure your rug is clean. The frequency of vacuuming depends on each household: from once a week to a couple of times a month. Also, vacuum with a beater brush or a high suction will help in removing dust, soil, loose dirt and debris from the rug surface. This regular vacuuming will help in preventing dirt to embed deep into the rug fibers. 

2. Address spills as soon as possible

Accidents happen all the time especially with kids and pets around. It is important to act quickly when a spill happen so it does not become a stain. 

Blot the area with a clean cloth or a paper towel to absorb the spill as much as possible. Avoid rubbing so it does not get into the fiber or ruin the rug fiber.  Cleaning from the bottom of the rug is also recommended. Ensure that you air dry the rug afterwards to prevent mold from growing in the rug.

3. Rotating your rug

Different parts of the rooms get different type of traffic. This is also similar to your rugs. Rotating your rugs will help distributing the wear and tear of your rug from the foot traffic. Rotating every few months is recommended. 

4. Regularly washing your rug

Aside from the first step of regular vacuuming, deep cleaning your rugs is also important. With washable rugs, we take our rugs into our washing machine to get a good wash. With household with pets and kids, we recommend every month. This also ensures good air quality and get rid of debris, pet dander and dirt into the air. There is nothing like freshly washed rug being laid down again in your home. It feels new and clean, ready for the kids to roll around on it. 

In conclusion, by following these four simple tips of regular vacuuming, addressing spills immediately, rotating your rugs and washing your rug, will help in preserving the longevity of your rugs at home. 

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