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The Top 5 Designs for Kid-Friendly Rugs: From Animal Prints to Geometric Patterns

by Jennifer Liong May 24, 2023 2 min read

The Top 5 Designs for Kid-Friendly Rugs: From Animal Prints to Geometric Patterns

As mothers and mothers to be, we love creating a space haven for our little ones. When it comes to choosing a rug and designing a kid friendly space, every detail comes to mind. A beautiful and thoughtful rug can transform a room into a playful haven, stimulating our minis' imagination and giving them a comfortable surface to play on the floor. 


I am exploring different school of thoughts in designing our rooms now and I am excited to share these with you. 

 1. Whimsical Animals and Prints

Children love animals and are always fascinated by them. I am pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful rugs that are also playful for our kids. These rugs add a touch of whimsy to the room and spark our little ones' curiosity about the animals. 


Lakaluk Swan Area Rugs


Lorena Canals Miss Mighty Mouse Wool Washable Area Rug


 Cotton Berber Going Dotty Black Round Rug

 2. Enchanting Storybook and Little Towns

There is nothing better than an area rug that works as a play mat at the same time. These rugs create a little town feel and encourage our children to immerse themselves in their own fantasy world and embark on their own adventures. 


 Lakaluk Explorers Play Area Rug


There are also characters that come to life in their space. 

Lorena Canals Batboy Wool Washable Area Rug



Lorena Canals Believe in Yourself Washable Rug

 3. Educational Alphabet and Number Rugs

I found these pieces to be brilliant as they combine playtime with early childhood development. Alphabet and number rugs serve as a playful educational tool, introducing your kids to basics of language and math. 

Lorena Canals ABC Rugcycled Area Rug

Lorena Canals Round ABC Natural Black

 4. Captivating Geometric Patterns:

Geometric patterns adds a contemporary look to a space and can be visually stimulating to our children. Bold shapes such as triangles and circles creates a visually appealing space. 


In addition, these  designs can introduce young children to different shapes and patterns while developing their spatial awareness. 


Lorena Canals Berber Canvas Machine Washable Area Rug

 Lorena Canals Azteca Natural Vintage Nude

 5. Nature and adventure inspired designs

I love adding plants and greeneries into our home. At the same time, I am glad that rug manufacturers seem to understand this need of adding some nature into our home. I love these rugs that encourage the love of nature in our young ones. 

 Path of Nature Washable Play Rug

 Lorena Canals Botanic Plants

 Finally, choosing the right rugs for our home, whichever room that is, can play in different hierarchy and it's not just about the aesthetics. It is our opportunity to develop, inspire and nurture our littles' creativity, imagination and love for learning. 


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