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How to Pick A Dining Room Rug That Will Last A Lifetime

How to Pick A Dining Room Rug That Will Last A Lifetime

It took awhile for my husband to be convinced that adding a rug in our dining room is a great idea. He thought about all the spills and the inconvenience of cleaning this rug. For me, it is important that the washable rug will last a lifetime. 

I always wonder if the rug's colour and its backing will sustain the tenth or twenty fifth wash we do on our dining room rug. In this blog post, I would like to share some tips and tricks for choosing a dining room rug that will last a lifetime in quality and style. 

1. Consider the Material 

Rugs made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton are known for their durability and longevity. Wool rugs has a wax coating called lanolin that prevents liquid from penetrating into the rug. Imagine orange juice and coffee that will stain your rug. It is helpful to know what wool rugs can resist this stains and spills. 

Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are also good options as they can be wiped to clean. However, the longevity won't be as long as it does not have the wax to prevent penetration. And they are not washable like some washable cotton rugs. 

2. Size and Shape of the Rug in your dining room

Something to consider when deciding on your dining room rug, take into account the size of the space. A small rug can make a small space appear larger as it is right under all of your dining room furniture. While a large rug can also makes it look like it's a larger space by appearing to cover "wall to wall".

3. Choose the Right Color and Pattern

Choosing a timeless design for your dining room is important so it will stand the look and feel of different designs. Neutral colors such beige, grey and cream are safe colour choices that will stand through different design eras.
Bold colours and pattern can also add personality to your dining room as contemporary or bohemian feel. The rug is an outlet to express your personality and taste. This can give your guests a conversation piece as they inquire and enjoy your aesthetic designs. 

4. Maintenance and care

Making sure that your dining room rug lasts a lifetime requires proper care and maintenance. Regular spot cleaning and vacuuming are helpful in maintaining the rug to be in their original state when you bought the rug. 

Rotating your rug periodically so it is evenly worn is also another trick in keeping your dining room rug. A rug pad is also a great investment to prevent the rug from sliding and worn out at the bottom. 

5. Invest in quality

A well made rug from an eco friendly and sustainable rug maker is also another tip that we want to share with you. We are in a mission to support businesses that make friendly products to our earth. In the same way, the durability and toxin free products that they make are friendly to your family and your home. 
For the years that invest in the right rugs in our home through Lorena Canals and Oh Happy Home, we realize that the tight knots and less shading and fading on their colors are true investments to our home. 
In conclusion, choosing a dining room rug that are easy to care, maintain and last a lifetime (in quality and style) require some time for careful considerations in five tips and tricks we share above. 

We do want to introduce sustainable living and making sure that every purchase made goes a long way to our customers. Thank you for reading this post and we would love to hear from you what your best investment in your home is! 

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