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Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom Basket


A crisp sunny morning is the perfect time to take to the woods for a mushroom hunt! No need to hunt far with this Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom basket from the Cotton Woods Collection. This Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom Basket featuring an adorable mushroom top is a two-in-one basket where the top can be used separately from the basket as an additional storage container. When put together, it is a fun and playful piece that brings joy to any kid's room. Handmade from natural, undyed cotton melange cords with contrasting linen-color stitching, this Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom Baskets pairs with its larger version, the Lorena Canals Baby Mushroom Basket, to create a playful forest scene.

This Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom Basket is part of the Cotton Wood Collection, which evokes a walk in the woods with moss covered pathways, lichen covered rocks and pine cones scattered on the ground. You can faintly hear the rustle of a squirrel climbing up a tree, pine trees swaying in the wind, the mushrooms peeking through the fallen autumn leaves and the special scent of rosemary and pine. The wooded landscape of the Mediterranean coast inspires a whole range of shapes and textures that is reflected in these timeless rug and accessory pieces. Each piece brings nature into the home with a subdued colour palette that imitates the forest's hues, and the use of mixed cotton yarns in different shades provide an overall natural looking finish.

All Lorena Canals rugs and accessories are designed to be easily washed at home. This Lorena Canals Mama Mushroom Basket can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. They are handmade one by one by artisans who take care of every detail, with 100% natural fibers and non-toxic dyes. All Lorena Canals rugs and accessories are designed with a commitment to the environment. These rugs and baskets are eco-friendly, kid-friendly and suitable for any home. And because cotton is a natural material, the rugs offers a soft and comfortable padding for kids and pets of all ages.

Product Features

  • Construction: Hand Made
  • Each Lorena Canals rug and accessory is handmade in their private facility in India using traditional methods
  • Due to its handmade nature, each rug and accessory is unique and one of a kind
  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% other fibre
  • Using exclusively natural dyes and done with cotton makes it safe for babies, kids and pets
  • Natural dyes also keeps the basket light, soft and flexible
  • Cotton is a sustainable and natural fibre that is well suited for those with allergy sensitivities
  • Being a trusted brand in the industry, this high quality cotton basket is made to last a lifetime and can withstand rigorous play
  • Cotton rugs and accessories are light weight making clean-up very easy. Simply give it a shake!


  • Brand: Lorena Canals
  • Each Lorena Canals rug bares the signature of the designer on the back, which certifies their quality and authenticity
  • Designed in Barcelona
  • All Lorena Canals rugs and accessories comply with all quality and safety regulations for children including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX certified
  • This basket is environmentally friendly and free from toxic dyes or contaminants
  • Size: 33 cm x 38 cm
  • Colour: Natural, Linen, Soil Brown
  • Location: Indoor use

About the Brand

It started with one simple question that perhaps a lot of us parents have: 'Why can't we wash our kids' rugs at home? That was enough to set Lorena Canals on a journey to come up with a solution. Lorena Canals started her company to fill the void of modern day living. Her rug designs are stylish and practical. Made from 100% cotton, her rug collection is machine-washable and is the new standard in the world of rug design.

28 years later, Lorena Canals now operates out of offices in Barcelona and New York. Their rugs are manufactured in two of their very own facilities in India where they have full control of the quality and best practices. Their designers work side by side with 120 artisans who take care of every detail in an elaborate handmade process. The brand prides itself on quality in every aspect of production, from the finest raw materials to socially responsible labour practices. Nowadays, Lorena Canals products are found worldwide in more than 2,500 points of sale, making its products available in more than 40 countries. Their offerings have expanded to include Home Decoration serving both children and grown-ups! A nursery funded by the SAKULA PROJECT now has 120 boys and girls attending and continues to grow year after year.

Care Instructions for Cotton Baskets

  • Remove dust by giving it a quick shake!
  • Clean with a damp cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
kimberly gedeon

The cutest products ever!!!

Alexa Andrzejewski
Modern yet fun

I literally browsed thousands of rugs before finally choosing this one! It was one of the few fluffy rugs that was still washable, came in a large size, and looked modern yet fun. At first it looked a little wrinkly and towel like but since has gotten more evenly fluffy. The only problem is that it sheds a LOT. I have to lint roll my kid every day! So I hope it will stop shedding over time because otherwise it’s a great balance.

Exactly what I was looking for

I love my mama and baby mushroom! They are so cute together and equally cute apart! Perfect room accents that also double as storage for small things and mostly chargers at the moment. I love these mushrooms! They bring me so much joy! I’m very pleased with my purchase! I would definitely recommend!