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We Can Grow Our Customer Bases Together

Hello and welcome! 

You have been invited to join a network of businesses who share the same mission to offer sustainable, natural, or ethical products.

Why should you join this network?

  • Receive targeted customer traffic
  • Niche customer acquisition and loyalty
  • % jump in sales
  • Brand growth and exposure

Our goal is to help scale like-minded businesses while creating a flywheel of organic customer growth. 

Here’s how everyone benefits:

How it all comes together:

  1. Each business provides an offering (discount, gift with purchase, free shipping, etc.)
  2. These offerings are listed on a password-protected webpage
  3. All new and existing (paying) customers are notified they’ve just received exclusive access to all partnered promotions 
  4. Customers are given password and directed to the offerings page (not to be shared publicly nor promoted)
  5. Customers browse and shop at newly discovered businesses with aligned values to their own
  6. Businesses grow their email distribution lists, enjoy targeted web traffic, and create new loyal customers
  7. And you know what the best part is?

There’s no additional cost - use an existing offer or create a new one. 

No advertising cost. No management cost. No membership fee.


Simply opt-in. We’ll handle the rest.

Why we are doing this:

This alliance proposes a risk-free and highly beneficial relationship between complementary businesses.

  • To help like-minded, niche businesses grow
  • To connect businesses and customers who share similar values
  • To empower the individuals pushing for positive social impact and sustainability
  • To exponentially boost the reach of every marketing dollar invested (flywheel of customer growth)

Each of our businesses already spends money on marketing and you receive 1x the traffic for that investment. 

By joining the alliance your spend remains the same BUT you receive ~10x the traffic back in return (dependent on # of businesses).

The alliance, in effect, pools the existing media spend.

This amplifies its reach while diversifying the targeting mix, resulting in happy customers flowing from one business to another.

Same dollars + no alliance = same customers.
Same dollars + alliance = MORE customers.

How we ALL win:

  • Customers are delighted with exclusive promotions
  • Customers discover new products and services within the sustainability framework
  • Businesses get more targeted traffic
  • Businesses see a % of the new traffic convert into sales
  • Businesses grow their email newsletters

There’s only a few more details to discuss, but that’s the entire plan in a nutshell. 

Allow us 15 minutes to discuss this strategy further.

Please connect with our partner David Lui Consulting - availability here: