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Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle


Organic, Undyed, Unbleached, All Natural, Zero Emissions

Less is more.  We at Rugs by Roo have always believed in this.  In today's world, a significant amount of chemicals are poured into our fabrics to achieve certain textures or colours that are desirable.  What we don't realize is that these chemicals can be very harmful to our health even after washing and can continue to live on our fabrics for the duration that we use these fabrics, whether its a piece of clothing, a bed linen or a rug in our home.  

Brands like Blaynk are like a dream come true for us.  Their standards go beyond what certifications require and really focus on making better fabrics by removing stuff rather than adding stuff.

This Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle is made from organic, unbleached and undyed cotton because the truth is, bleaching and dying simply aren't necessary.  Breathable and silky soft, this natural cotton burp cloth is made without any dyes, bleach or processing chemicals, perfect for taking care of your baby's delicate skin.

It all starts with the farms.  The cotton that goes into the making of this Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle comes from Chetna Organic, a nonprofit organization that works with cotton farmers in India.  Members grow their crops without genetically modified seeds or pesticides, and they use significantly less water than conventional farmers.  Chetna is certified by Fair Trade USA, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade International.

Founded in 1947, the weaving and finishing facility where this Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle is made abides by the most stringent environmental and social guidelines.  They are certified by the GOTS as well as Oeko Tex 100.  They provide advanced education programs and quality healthcare for their employees.  And did we mention that this factory is 100% wind powered meaning there are no carbon emissions?  The perks go on and on. 

Product Features

  • Material:  100% GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Colour: Natural
  • Includes: 1 Swaddle, 3 Burp Cloths, 3 Bibs
  • The versatile swaddle can also be used as a nursing cover, shoulder bib, stroller cover or changing table cover.
  • The classic snap bibs have three snap buttons for a snug fit and easy fastening
  • The perfect weave is more breathable, lightweight and longer lasting than other popular weaves (and it just gets better with every wash)
  • All Blaynk products are made with zero chemicals and dyes.  Just water!
  • Undyed cotton is better for your skin and the environment
  • Cotton is a sustainable and natural fibre that is well suited for those with allergy sensitivities


  • Brand: Blaynk
  • Designed in USA
  • Cotton is sourced from Chetna Organic, a nonprofit organization that works with cotton farmers in India that grows their crop without genetically modified seeds or pesticides
  • Chetna Organic is certified by Fair Trade USA, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade International
  • All Blaynk products are made in a factory that is GOTS and Oeko Tex 100 certified meaning not only do they abide by the most stringent environmental guidelines but they are also socially cautious.  The factory provides advanced education programs and quality healthcare for its employees.  
  • Made in India in a factory that uses harvested rain water and only wind power for processing and production

About Organic Cotton

As you're probably aware, cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant and grows commonly all over the world.  It is a renewable and eco-friendly material that is easy to clean and maintain.  Cotton offers an unparalleled feeling of softness, comfort and warmth like no other fibres.

Things you might not know about cotton, however, is that conventional cotton farms uses heavy amounts of pesticides in the crop fields that not only poses a health risk for the farmers but also results in the cotton fibres being leached with toxins and chemicals that can impact your health. 

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals.  It doesn't damage the soil, has less impact on the air, uses less water and less energy than conventional cotton.  The result is a cotton that offers the best of both worlds -  safe for the farmers and safe for the end consumer.  

Care Instructions 

  • Wash before first use.
  • Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle.  Do not use any bleach or fabric softeners.
  • We recommend air dry for best results.  May also be dried on low heat with minimal additional shrinkage

About the Brand

Talk about innovation.  Blaynk developed a proprietary method to producing fabrics using no chemicals and fewer steps.  While most manufacturers go through a five step chemical process to arrive at their desired fabric, Blaynk's process is just one single step - rain water!  Their water comes from a rain harvesting system that can hold over 1 million gallons.  Rain water is used to spin, weave and finish the fabric, resulting in bed sheets that gets softer with each wash.  And using physical principles like friction, temperature and pressure to replace the use of chemicals, Blaynk's production process is reduced from a conventional 11 step process to their proprietary four step process.  This not only shortens production time but also results in huge energy savings, which is important when your factory is 100% wind powered.

Need help?

When you buy a Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle from, you will have access to our support team who will help you through any logistical issues such as tracking and delivery of the item to your home.  You will also have access to our free design consultation team who can help you plan the layout of your room to best suit your new Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle.  Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Blaynk Organic Baby Bundle on this page.  We're  here to help, so take us up on the offer!

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