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Top 10 Best Selling Living Room Rugs

March 31, 2020 4 min read

Top 10 Best Selling Living Room Rugs

When I first started Rugs by Roo, I was 5 months pregnant with my son and was naturally drawn to all things baby (especially colourful baby nursery rugs!).  However, being the frugal mom that I am, I didn't want just a bedroom rug.  I wanted a rug that will grow with my kid and down the road, can be used in other rooms in the house.  I wanted something that would look good in my living room as well as his bedroom.  Most importantly, I needed it to be safe.  I knew enough about rugs that I didn't want my child to be exposed to synthetic materials with unnecessary off-gassing chemicals.

Well, it appeared that my favourite rug brand heard my call for help!  Around the time when my son started crawling, Lorena Canals launched their Woolables Collection!  They created the first ever machine washable wool rug in the market.  I was already a huge fan of their washable cotton collection and now, they took it to a new level.

Here, I share with you our 10 Best Sellers in the category of Washable Living Room Rugs.  Our customers are mostly parents and they know a thing or two about balancing style with functionality.  They also value sustainability and are looking for a rug that they know is 100% safe for their little ones. Each of these rugs is made from either 100% wool or cotton, using all natural dyes. They are also fully machine washable in a domestic washer. 

1.  Air Dune White Natural Cotton Rug

 Air Dune White Natural XL Machine Washable Area Rug

Can you believe this rug fits in a domestic washing machine?  Truly, it is made of 100% cotton which is a soft and flexible material.  There's no wonder why this is a top seller.  We've seen this piece in baby nurseries as well as living rooms and family rooms.  This versatile design woven in a high-low pile for texture and interest comes in Alaska Blue and Savannah Red although the Air Dune Natural is the most popular.  And it is 100% safe, even for a baby's bare bottom.

2.  Into The Blue Wool Rug

Lorena Canals Into the Blue Wool Washable Area Rug

Perhaps it's the calming effects of the smokey blue that makes this rug a popular choice.  As intended by the designer, this rug conveys peace, purity, freedom and innocence.  The wool gives off a luxurious feel while the fringed edges add playfulness and resembles a pool of water that is overflowing with life and emotions.  This rug is truly a treat for the soul and the senses.

3.  Tribu Natural Cotton Rug

Lorena Canals Tribu Natural Washable Area Rug

Newly released in March 2020, this rug has already made it on many best sellers lists!  Aligned with the designer's usual love for nature, this rug bares an earthy tone that is elegant, warm and inviting.  Also available in an extra large size (10' x 6' 7"), this rug can be found in the living room of many influencers and interior designers.

4.  Lakota Day Wool Rug

Lorena Canals Lakota Day Wool Washable Area Rug

A Bohemian classic, this piece bares a soft colour palette while the pattern creates richness.  The wool texture makes it an inviting piece to have in the living room, family room and dining room to add luxury and warmth.  This is truly a classic that will never go out of style.  

5.  Bereber Rhombs Cotton Rug

Lorena Canals Bereber Crisscross Machine Washable Area Rug

What a charming piece in a classic berber pattern with a crisscross twist.  Its neutral colour tone paired with its discreet pattern is a great way of adding texture and warmth to a room of all theme styles.  Feel free to host on top of this rug.  It's made for company!

6.  Autumn Breeze Wool Rug

Lorena Canals Autumn Breeze Wool Washable Area Rug

This rug's plush and soft pile makes it a great piece to have by one's bedside.  Because of its washable nature, it also works great anywhere else in the home including high traffic areas.  Your guests will love the feeling of this rug beneath their feet, one of the longest pile rugs in the Woolables collection.  

7. Berber Canvas Cotton Rug

Lorena Canals Bereber Canvas Machine Washable Area Rug

This piece is for those who are torn between modern and classic bohemian.  This cotton rug features a contemporary berber pattern with an unique fringe that can fit into any decor style.  The neutral beige and black colour palette is also classy and timeless.  

8.  Berber Soul Wool Rug

Lorena Canals Berber Soul Wool Washable Area Rug

The good ol' classics never go out of style.  In my opinion, every home can use a berber rug.  This one is for the soul because of its plush wool pile.  Placed in front of a fireplace, it's so soft you will want to lay down on top of it and never leave.

9.  Almond Valley Wool Rug

Lorena Canals Almond Valley Wool Washable Area Rug

Who in their right minds would ever choose a white area rug?  Well, the washable rugs people of course!  As part of the Field Collection, the patterns on this piece was inspired by the beautiful landscape of the tea plantations in Sri Lanka.  The act of drinking tea is a worldwide pleasure that contributes feelings of harmony, peace of mind and well-being.  This explains why this rug is my personal favourite. 

10.  Tuba Wool Rug 

 Lorena Canals Tuba Wool Washable Area Rug

 Escape into the mystics of the Hopi community, an ancient American Indian culture that is deeply rooted in spirituality.  The symbols on this rug signify soul, harmony and wisdom and conveys feelings of peace and positivity to those in its space.  I envision having one of these in my future meditation room!


Most families have lived under the notion that once you have kids, you must give up all areas of style and comfort for the sake of convenience and functionality.  Hopefully, the above opens you up to seeing that you can be in a world where both beauty and functionality coexist.  Rugs is a vital decor element and it is possible to have a rug that meets your design vision while still being a space for the children to play and live freely.  

Best wishes on your design journey!

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