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12 Reasons to Choose Round Area Rugs For Living Room

by Staff Account January 20, 2022 5 min read

12 Reasons to Choose Round Area Rugs For Living Room

Are you thinking about experimenting with rug shape in your living room? Perhaps you’re tired of the same old rectangles, squares, and right angles – you want to spice things up a bit.

Maybe you have an unusual space where no other rug will fit, or perhaps you want to create a dramatic impact on guests. 

Round area rugs for living room are a great addition to your space, bringing aesthetic and functional benefits. They complement other curved objects and create a spacious yet cozy atmosphere. 

Step into the unknown and find out about these and many more benefits!

Reasons to Use Round Area Rugs for Living Room

1. Emphasize Curved Structures

If you have a curved wall, enhance this bold architectural feature with a round rug. It will bring coherence and fluidity to the room, as the eye sweeps across the curved geometry.

Using a rectangular rug with such structures doesn’t have the same impact and could make the space feel closed-in or disjointed. A circular rug complements the feeling of openness which these structures create.  

This also works if you have curved furniture, such as sofas. Placing the item around the arc of your circular rug unifies them perfectly.

2. Create the Illusion of Space

If you have a small apartment with limited square footage, a round rug helps detract from the boxed-in feeling small rooms can induce. Curves invoke the illusion of space, as they focus the attention away from corners and edges, softening the structure and creating a sense of fluidity.  

3. Divide the Space

Round rugs help you divide a large living room where you want to define separate areas. The same applies if your living space is open plan and you want a distinct division between kitchen, living area, dining area, and so on.

Ensure all furniture for the section is placed on the rug – it makes the division clear.

Small round area rugs work wonders for dividing small areas like a study corner.

4. Make Circular Objects Stand Out

If you have a round table or other round items you want to draw attention to, a circular rug is a solution. Place one underneath, ensuring the item above is centered.

However, it’s not just about emphasizing one key circular item. A round rug works in harmony with other circular and spherical accessories, like mirrors, lighting fixtures, cushions, candles, and vases. It echoes these items and brings consistency to the design.  

5. Create a Focal Point

Round rugs can highlight the focal point of a room. Since their shape is different, they draw attention to the area where they’re placed. For example, a large one centered below a chandelier creates a dramatic impact. Or how about underneath a grand piano?

Perhaps the focus of your living room is a coffee table with a cozy armchair on either side. Placing this furniture on top of a circular rug creates a welcoming, personal touch as if the area is in a bubble.

The key is to make sure all the furniture for that focal area fits on the rug with some extra space. If it’s hanging off the edges or looks cluttered, it doesn’t have the same powerful effect.

6. Add Interest

Like any accent piece, your rug has the potential to create a bold splash of color, adding interest to space. For something minimal, try placing black round area rugs on white flooring, and vice versa.

In a rectangular or square room, its shape makes it distinct, adding a new dimension of contrast.  

7. Fit Around Obstructions

Unique spaces come with features that may not work with rectangular rugs. For example, obstructions like pillars may prevent you from using a rug of standard measurements. A round rug can be a great workaround in situations like this.

8. Alcoves and Corners

 If your living room has an arched alcove, a small round area rug creates cohesion with the structure, as well as bringing a cozy feel to that tucked-away area. The same works in corners that are used for a specific activity, like a reading corner.   

9. Create Natural Ambience 

Nature is not filled with rigid lines – think of leaves, tree trunks, the path of rivers, and the planets. Bring a softer, more natural ambiance to your home with a round rug, and have a break from those hard angles.

Feng Shui states that Chi moves in a circular manner and therefore, round rugs allow it to flow optimally. If you’re into that kind of thing, this accessory will be a great addition to your living room.   

10. Layering

 In large spaces, layering rugs is common practice. This can mean one of two things:

  • Arranging rugs next to each other
  • Layering rugs on top of each other

For the first option, including a round rug in your ensemble adds variety. Make sure you place them in a way that suits the shape of your furniture and the room. 

Layering rugs on top of each other adds depth and catches the eye. You can experiment with color, texture, and pattern. You could add a round, patterned rug on top of a plain rug, for example.   

11. Make Your Living Room More Cozy

If you don’t have carpet, adding any rug to wooden, tiled, or laminate flooring brings warmth to the home. Round rugs enhance the effect, creating that welcoming, cozy feeling. 

12. Hang it on the Wall 

In rooms with high ceilings, attaching a rug to the wall guides the eye upward, helping to create cohesion between the lower and upper parts of the room. 

This reduces the feeling of emptiness that high-ceilings can instill. Any artwork that takes up vertical space can have this effect. So, why not use a rug?

The shape of a round rug on a square or rectangular wall provides contrast. The effect is even more dramatic than placing one on the floor – you won’t have furniture on the walls, so the contrast between the bare wall and the rug is enhanced. This is great for minimalist designs.

Bold blocks of color work best in this situation, rather than fine, detailed patterns. 


Round area rugs for living room create a stunning visual impact. They’re functional as well, working in harmony with curved structures and unusual layouts, and making small rooms feel more spacious.

The Lorena Canals Round ABC Kids’ Area Rug helps your child learn the alphabet in a fun, engaging way. It’s 100% cotton, made with non-toxic dyes, and it’s machine washable.

We all reach that point where we want to add something new and fresh to our home’s design. Give it a go! You may like the round rug-effect so much, you won’t know how you lived without them!

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