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6 Best Hassle-Free Washable Rugs Perfect for Kids and Pets

by Staff Account March 03, 2022 12 min read

6 Best Hassle-Free Washable Rugs Perfect for Kids and Pets

It all starts by dreaming about a perfect rug. You found the ideal design and suitable size, but don’t neglect the importance of simple cleaning. What does it imply when the manufacturer promises their carpet is simple to clean? Apart from being able to remove stains quickly, the product should also be washable. The process should be hassle-free and involve minimum effort from the user.

Which are the most suitable washable rugs for a house or apartment? This guide will reveal everything you should know about these units. Apart from covering the basics, you’ll even discover the best products currently available in the market. Don’t hesitate to start reading and learn how to find the perfect carpeting solution.

What Does It Mean That Your Rug Is Washable?

A washable carpeting solution is the one that can go into the washing machine. Most rugs allow removing stains by using warm water, cloth, and a mild detergent. But only some products are suitable for a washer.

It simplifies the cleaning process and minimizes the hassle. The effort comes down to rolling up the product and placing it into the machine. This maintenance method doesn’t compromise longevity, and it ensures the carpet keeps looking great.

Which Rugs Are Machine Washable?

Manufacturers use various materials for rugs. It depends on their area, purpose, and other expected features. Rugs that are washable in a machine are the easiest to clean. Some compounds are more adequate, and others unsuitable for that maintenance method. Here is an overview of the most frequent fabric used to simplify the cleaning process:

  • Polyester

This is a synthetic material, but it comes with many advantages. It can have the expected softness, which provides comfort when you step on it. Also, the artificial compounds ensure the price remains affordable.

Polyester rugs are usually suitable for a washer. Although it depends on the size, it’s wise to wash it alone. Mixing the unit with other components increases the risk of color fading and other issues. The general rule is you should use a gentle detergent and a low-speed program on the machine. It’s vital to check the manual delivered with the carpeting solution.

  • Nylon

This is another type of artificial fiber. Thanks to that, it’s suitable for a washing machine. Nylon is specific because it’s less durable than polyester. That implies you should be more careful when placing it in a high-traffic room. It’s much better to use it as a washable kitchen rug, especially since cleaning stains should be simple.

Once you see it has sufficient dirt, put the unit in the washer. Always use cold water and a gentle cycle, while ensuring the detergent is suitable. The material requires air-drying, which means you can’t put it in the machine.

  • Polypropylene

This material is affordable and durable, which makes it a wise investment. You can use polypropylene materials in high-traffic living rooms, but also outside. It’s convenient to wash the product with a garden hose, but you can also place it in the machine. The only thing you shouldn’t do is insert it in the dryer.

  • Olefin

The compound has similar characteristics to polypropylene. It implies impressive resistance to moisture and mildew. You can place it outdoor, but also use it in busy indoor areas. It’s possible to insert the product into a washing machine. You don’t even have to wash it more than once yearly.

  • Cotton

Natural fibers are often unsuitable for a washer. That’s not the case with cotton. It’s a sustainable material that looks great and feels soft once you step on it. These rugs are suitable for pets and kids to play on them. 

The products aren’t expensive, but they wear out quickly. You can wash them in a machine, but don’t dry them. You’ll risk shrinking the unit since it acts similarly to clothes made from cotton.

  • Viscose

This is a semi-natural compound. The primary substance is wood pulp, which is why you can’t wash it in a machine. Instead, cleaning spots with a mild detergent is the best option. Also, don’t place these units in high-traffic areas because they could be sensitive.

What Are the Best Washable Rugs?

There’s no universal formula for the top carpeting solution in the market. The answer is the best unit is one that meets your expectations. You might find a favorite among the suggestions below.

1. Fab Habitat Stockholm Teal

Fab Habitat Stockholm Teal features American design, although the manufacturing occurs in India. The brand that created the unit has over a decade of tradition in this industry. This product is eco-friendly, durable, and affordable. Check out its main features below:

  • Made of 100% Recycled Materials

The manufacturer made sure they utilize thrown-away soda bottles to design this unit. They used polyester yarn for this carpet, making it a sustainable solution friendly for the environment. The product also has handmade construction, with the confirmation that no child was a part of the process.

  • It Looks and Feels Great

You might not expect a lot from a rug made of recycled plastic. However, this rug will exceed all your expectations. Not only it looks fantastic and contributes to the area's décor, but it also feels soft.

  • Multiple Size Selection

The product is available in six different sizes. You can cover a small area with a 2’x3’ option or go with a large 8’x10’ selection. Thanks to the specific materials, you can place the rug anywhere. That ranges from indoor high-traffic areas to outdoor patios and backyards.

  • Simple Maintenance and Impressive Durability

Although it depends on the size, the rug is generally lightweight. It’s easy to clean it because you can place it in the washing machine. The unit is durable, so the process shouldn’t affect it much. Furthermore, it can withstand mildew and UV rays. If you place the product in an outdoor area, that will contribute to the overall durability.

2. Lorena Canals Shuka Dusty Pink

The brand started its journey more than 20 years ago. Today, they have dozens of products in different editions. Lorena Canals Shuka Dusty Pink belongs to the Africa Woolable collections. It might be a surprise that this is a rug made of wool. Although the material isn’t always machine washable, this unit is. Apart from simple maintenance, these features also make it worth considering.

  • A Unique Design

Lorena got the inspiration for the entire collection from a trip to Africa. Nature and wildlife dazzled her. That’s why she features bright colors of earthy tone and uneven lines. This particular unit combines walnut and pearl-grey with dusty pink as the dominant color.

  • Compliant with Children Safety Standards

The product is kid-friendly, which is vital for parents. It complies with ISO 9001, ISO 18001, and other relevant regulations. The manufacturer hand-dyed methods with special compounds free from contaminants and toxins.

  • An Average-Sized Rug for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Although you can use it outdoors, this is primarily an indoor carpeting solution. The brand makes multiple sizes, so it can fit any room. You’ll also receive an underlay resistant to slipping and a cotton bag.

  • A Lifetime Durability

You don’t get an actual warranty, but the product quality speaks for itself. The company used a careful mixture of a wool base, cotton, and other materials. The idea was to ensure impressive longevity and durability, which justifies the higher price tag.

3. Kroma Carpets Faux Sheepskin Cloud Mint

Small washable area rugs usually serve as decorative pieces. That means they should fit the décor and contribute to the overall aesthetics. Kroma Carpets Faux Sheepskin Cloud Mint comes with an intriguing design and color combination, but also these attractive features.

  • Silky and Soft

The brand doesn’t hide they used faux fur. It’s the shag technique in the production process that ensures impressive softness. Babies and animals will appreciate the silky touch of this rug. You’ll love how it adds to the room's warmth, so it meets everyone’s expectations.

  • Surprising Durability

The product is only available in a single size. The 2.8’x3.8’ will fit well in any area. You’ll love how durable the carpet is, although you should use a pad to avoid slipperiness. The company added an overlock backing to ensure improved longevity.

  • Simple Maintenance Instructions

Faux sheepskin is fairly easy to clean. You can dust the rug to eliminate dust, and even a brush does a good job. If you vacuum frequently, there’s no surprise in some shedding. As for washing in a machine, it’s sufficient to avoid bleach and use a delicate cycle. Instead of using a drier, place it in an air fluff before returning to position.

4. Oh, Happy Home! Cotton Berber Monochrome

The name of this rug comes from the Moroccan Berber style. You’ll immediately notice the black base with white diamond trellis. This pattern is simple but modern. It will any area well, ranging from bedrooms to living rooms.

This Cotton Berber Monochrome carpeting solution is available in two large sizes. The smaller one is a bit under 5x7 feet, while the bigger one is around 6x10”. That implies the latter can cover an entire bedroom.

The maintenance process is as easy as ABC. You want to shake it off for dust, and if you vacuum the rug, don’t worry about some shedding. It’s possible to flip the rug to ensure it wears out equally. Here is an overview of other features worth mentioning.

  • A Soft Cotton Material

OHH used 100% cotton for this carpet. Thanks to that, it’s among the large washable area rugs made of natural materials. Not much can compare to the softness of this compound. If it goes in the children’s room, kids will love stepping on it. You’ll also appreciate the comfort and warmth it could give to your bedroom.

  • Hypoallergenic Characteristics

Since cotton is the only material used for this rug, you can rest assured it’s hypoallergenic. That’s great if you are sensitive to other compounds. It’s also a convenient solution if you have children and don’t want to risk allergies. Make sure to place a rug pad to avoid floor scratching and minimize the falling risk.

  • A Trusted Brand

Amy is the founder and designer of the OHH company. Apart from the unique patterns, the production process is at a high level. The brand makes handmade washable rugs from natural materials, and it has a Goodweave certificate. It confirms no children were a part of the production process.

5. Lorena Canals Trace Beige

The first thing you’ll notice about this rug is its shape. If you are going for a round-shaped product, this is one that’s machine-washable. It’s only available in a single size, and its diameter is 5’3”. The manufacturer designed the unit in Barcelona, and you’ll recognize authenticity with the signature on the back. If you like Lorena Canals Trace Beige carpet, here is what else you should know about it.

  • An Eco-Friendly Solution

The rug is natural, but that’s not the only important thing. The manufacturer made it from sustainable materials and also avoided any toxic compounds. That means there are no contaminants or dyes with harsh substances. It makes this rug friendly for children and animals.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Move

The carpet’s size is average, but it's surprisingly lightweight. There’s no exact information, but you can easily move it from one position to another. If necessary, you can even take it outdoor and place it on the patio.

  • Unmatchable Softness

The feeling provided by cotton can’t compare to other materials. You can place the rug in the children’s room and watch them enjoy it. Even the babies will love crawling because their tender knees won’t feel scratching or any discomfort.

  • It’s Capable of Withstanding Rugged Use

Children and pets don’t care about the carpet’s beauty. They’ll jump, run over it, and play without worrying about potential damages. This unit is durable enough to withstand heavy use. That’s strength ensures optimal longevity.

6. Lorena Canals Tribu Soil Brown

Here is another unit designed by the same manufacturers. Lorena Canals Tribu Soil Brown features rich textures that add elegance to the overall appearance.  This carpet has deep brown as the primary color. It’s an earthy tone that can fit rustic, classic, and modern decors.

  • Natural Feeling and Materials

The designer found inspiration in soils, and that’s how they picked the brown color as the base. It’s not only about the natural appearance because this unit also uses sustainable materials. It’s 100% cotton, and even the dye is free from harmful substances.

  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

Area rugs are primarily for living rooms and other inner spaces. However, if you need a carpet for your patio, you won’t go wrong with this unit. It’s fairly resistant to mildew and mold, and surprisingly durable.

  • Three Different Sizes

This isn’t a product for a small hallway since the basic size is 4’7”x6.7”, It’s for the living room and other areas where it could even be a focal point. It shouldn’t be a problem to find an optimal dimension. Whatever choice you make, the carpet will be compliant with ISO standards and industry regulations.

How to Choose a Machine Washable Area Rug

What are the steps to take when deciding on a suitable carpeting solution? That depends on your preference. These are the factors that will speed up and simplify your selection!

Confirm the Maintenance Process Specifics

Since you are reading this, you probably want a rug that can go in a washing machine. That’s why the initial step is reading a product description. Alternatively, you can pick a rug recommended by professionals. Either way, the idea is to be certain that maintaining the product is simple.

Where Do You Plan to Place It?

The next consideration is the future location of your rug. If it goes in the living room, it needs to fit with the rest of the décor. Those that will go in an area with a child should also be soft and cozy. The position will determine which features to look for in a unit. You can check out other specifics based on this information.

Pick the Right Size

A small rug can go in the hallway, as long as there is a pad underneath it to avoid slipping. Large carpeting solutions can cover entire rooms. Measuring the space where you plan to put the unit always helps. That will give you pointers regarding the dimensions to seek. The good news is most manufacturers offer multiple sizes of their products.

Comfort and Coziness

Some rugs focus on providing a soft experience when you step or sit on it. Those units are great if you plan on playing with children on these carpets. The design can also contribute to the overall impression you get from the carpet. You want it to fit the room’s style and meet your style preferences. That way, you’ll love looking at the product whenever you enter the area.


The final consideration is how much money you can invest in a rug. Natural materials are usually more expensive than synthetic fibers. The larger the size, the bigger your expense will be. The actual cost can be from $50 to over $500. It shouldn’t be a problem to find a unit that fits your price range.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Washable Rugs

If your carpet is extremely dirty, you should place it in the washing machine. The cleaning part is fairly simple, but what about other maintenance? If you take good care of the unit, it’ll ensure optimal appearance and maximize longevity. These are the crucial tips in that area!

Flip and Rotate the Rug Frequently

Check the product instructions to see the possible moves. You can rotate all units since it only involves adjusting the carpet’s position. If you feel you spend the most time on a single section on the rug, change angles regularly. That’ll ensure even wear and tear over time.

Some units are also suitable for flipping. That means both sides are identical, which extends the unit’s longevity. The usual period for switching is several months. If you do it regularly, it will distribute the wear evenly. Thanks to that, your carpet will look as good as new for a long time.

Don’t Expose the Product to Direct Sunlight

Your carpet uses natural or synthetic dye. Whatever the option, those compounds are vulnerable to sun rays. Even the most resistant colors will fade eventually.

It’s why you should avoid exposing the unit to direct sunlight. If you don’t have any other option, make the rotations more frequent. Additionally, use the curtains and other protection mechanisms whenever possible.

Vacuuming and Spot Cleaning

Washing a rug in a machine is an option, but it doesn’t mean you should do it regularly. The less you choose that option, the longer the carpet will last. That’s why your primary cleaning steps include spot cleaning and vacuuming.

You can use a dry cloth and gentle detergent to remove stains. As for vacuuming, make sure to do it once a week. You can even shake the rug off to remove any dirt.

The Importance of Padding

It’s common that you put something under your rug to avoid direct touch with the floor. The first benefit is that it will prevent slips, which means it reduces the risk of mishaps and potential injuries. Another advantage is that you’ll avoid scratches on the surface underneath. If you remove the carpet at some point, you’ll be thankful for this move.

Final Thoughts

The variety of rugs offered on the market is impressive. It’s up to you to pick the favorite unit. You can go for an unusual round design offered by the Lorena Canals Trace Beige unit. But ultimately, it’s all about your preferred size, material, and other features. Check the product description and reviews for detailed information. You want proof it’s safe to insert the carpet in a washing machine. 

Washable rugs make your job easier. That’s why they’ve become more popular than ever. If you don’t have time for demanding maintenance, these units are a perfect choice!

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