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How to Choose Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs: Materials, Shapes, and Sizes

by Staff Account November 25, 2021 8 min read

How to Choose Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs: Materials, Shapes, and Sizes

An outdoor rug can be the perfect addition for improving the area’s décor. However, placing this item outside requires fulfilling specific requirements. It should withstand sun rays, rain, and other environmental factors.

You can’t go wrong with recycled plastic outdoor rugs. These are unique accessories that are beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly. Would you like to find the perfect carpeting solution? Keep reading this guide to discover all details you need to identify the ideal product!

What Is a Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug?

The word is quite self-explanatory. These are plastic rugs that manufacturers made from recycled materials. Their main benefit is the option of placing them outdoors. Depending on the model, you can even use them inside

Recycled material is the one that should have gone to waste. Instead, someone used to convert it to a new product. The manufacturers found a way to use plastic for outdoor rugs. Since those items usually take a lot of time to decompose, this is a huge eco-friendly move. That means using these units will show you care about the planet.

What Materials Do They Use to Make Plastic Outdoor Rugs?

You probably assume it’s plastic, but what items do the manufacturers use? The truth is that any materials original users threw away are suitable. That’s why companies recycle anything from tubes to bottles and containers.

The potential to recycle a particular material also depends on the manufacturer’s capabilities. Some companies can only process small bottles and tubes, while others decide to process containers. Most brands decide on a specific material type when making a particular product. That means they only use pipes for rugs and other recycled products for different items.

Are Plastic Outdoor Rugs Good?

These products can be a fantastic choice for your patio, pool area, or backyard. They are a smart investment for an outdoor zone because they can last for years. It’s a one-time purchase that you don’t have to consider for a long time.

You want a unit that can look great in any décor, such as Fab Habitat Kilimanjaro Black Area Rug. Whether the space is modern or classic, it will fit in well. Here are some other features that your carpeting solution should have:

  • Hand-Made Construction

Units that feature hand-made construction are always a smart choice. Choosing a reliable manufacturer additionally contributes to ensuring your product will look as promised.

  • Extended Durability

The fantastic thing about this recycled plastic rug is its longevity. It has impressive UV resistance to prevent any color fading. Additionally, it’s reversible to extend the unit’s lifespan further.

  • Ease of Maintenance

You should go with these rugs because of their cleaning process’s simplicity. The mildew and mold resistance ensure the material doesn’t absorb stains. You can easily wash the unit in the washing machine. It’s also fast-drying to secure using it again soon.

  • A Carrying Bag

The beauty of these products is that they come with a carrying bag. It simplifies things if you don’t plan to keep the carpet outside permanently. This option allows you to store it inside and only move it outdoors when necessary. That’s something you might do if you only need the rug on special occasions.

6 Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs?

You’ve probably considered multiple carpeting options for your patio or pool area. If recycled plastic products were among the choices, how about learning their benefits? The multiple advantages offered by these items could inspire you to acquire them.

1. Environmentally-Friendly Products

The fantastic thing about recycled rugs is that they are eco-friendly. Like any other items made from these materials, carpeting solutions are a smart option for the environment. The plastic won’t pollute the planet, but will instead find a useful purpose in your ownership.

2. Performance in Outdoor Conditions

You are looking for a rug to use outside for a reason. The point is it can withstand sun rays and other weather conditions. It’s how the manufacturers approach the production process. They ensure these items are resistant to UV, which minimizes color fading. Additionally, the units are resistant to mold and mildew. That’s because plastic is a non-absorbent compound. It doesn’t only extend the rug’s longevity but also ensures it looks great for years.

3. Multiple Uses Contribute to Versatility

You can use the best plastic outdoor rugs and indoors, too. They’ll have the looks and features making them suitable for living rooms and other areas. While discussing versatility, you should know that nothing stops you from taking them outside of the home. That means you are welcome to head to the beach or camping with these units. They can provide warmth and ensure you don’t sit or lie on the ground.

4. Available in Various Sizes

Do you need a small rug for the patio? Would you like a large unit to place in the backyard? Do you want a product that you could take camping and use as a seating area for the family? From simple 2’x3’ to large 8’x10’ solutions, you can easily find one suitable for the desired space.

5. Affordable and Budget-Friendly Price

Does it seem crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on a carpet? That’s particularly true if you want to use it outdoors. You don’t want to splash your cash, but recycled units are affordable. They have budget-friendly price tags that provide plenty of bang for the buck. These products will last for years, which only increases their value for the money.

6. A Soft Rug

You might be thinking, “it’s plastic, which means the product isn’t soft!” The truth is you couldn’t be more wrong. The beauty of recycled rugs lies in the unique approach used during manufacturing. The companies melt and weave the material into yarn. That ensures you get the expected softness. You’re unlikely to even notice the difference if you don’t know the source of the fabric.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug

You decided that these products are the right choice, but it’s still the question of picking the right item. If it’s your first time in the market, pay special attention to these things!

1. Confirm the Material Used

If you want a truly recycled rug, it’s vital to confirm the material source. Some manufacturers will hide the fact they didn’t use 100% plastic. That’s why you should make sure the compounds in the production process came from melted plastic tubes, bottles, etc. These will ensure that you’ll receive the real deal and not a low-quality item that doesn’t meet your expectations.

2. What’s the Right Size?

While recycled rugs come in various shapes and sizes, your task is to find a fitting one. Do you require a small carpeting solution for the patio? Would you like a large unit for camping?

The square, runner, and standard sizes are all available. The goal is to find a suitable one for your requirements. The experts suggest measuring the space where you’ll fit the rug. From there, you’ll know the dimensions required. It should ensure that you don’t make a mistake when choosing a particular product.

3. What’s Your Favorite Design?

Aesthetics have always been a vital matter for rugs. The design is crucial if you place the carpet in the living room as the focal point. Even if you want it for the backyard, it should still look nice. That implies two things. The first one is it fits the décor. You can’t use a product that doesn’t compliment other items. If you plan on placing it under the outdoor table, combine it with chair colors. The second requirement is that it fits your preference. The critical thing is you like to unit. Why would you buy it otherwise?

It’s convenient that the manufacturers offer a huge range of colors and styles. You can pick from single-color combinations to stripes, squares, and unique patterns.

4. Durability Features in Outdoor Surroundings

There’s a huge difference between indoor rugs and those you place outside. If you put it in the backyard, you don’t want a surprising rain to ruin the unit. That’s why you want optimal performance in outdoor conditions, and these features are vital.

5. Resistance to Sun Rays

If you leave an item in the sun, its coloring will fade after a while. The trick is to postpone that from happening as long as possible. That’s why plastic outdoor rugs are resistant to UV rays. It ensures they look new even if you expose them to direct sunlight.

6. Non-Absorbent Materials

The best rugs made from recycled compounds feature non-absorbent substances. That means they won’t get entirely wet when there’s a spill or rain. This doesn’t imply they are completely waterproof. They’ll resist mold and mildew, but you might compromise their longevity if leaving them out during a shower.

7. Is the Rug Heavy?

The next feature in line is the rug’s weight. That’s critical if you plan on changing its position frequently. Do you plan on taking it for camping? It’s much better if it's lightweight since that contributes to portability.

Another convenient option is to go with outdoor plastic rugs that come with a carrying bag. Most manufacturers use jute to ensure the accessory is also eco-friendly.

8. What’s Your Budget?

You should look at the financial aspect from multiple angles. The first one is how much these units usually cost. It largely depends on the size – the bigger the rug, the higher the price. A small 3’x5’ item can cost less than $50. Those aiming for large square 8’x8’ recycled carpeting solutions might have to pay $140 or more.

The second angle is how much your budget you’d like to be. The truth is that the prices of plastic rugs aren’t high. A product that lasts for years and costs $50-$150 is a smart investment. Since that’s not extremely expensive, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable unit.

9. How Easy It Is to Maintain?

The next factor is how simple is the rug’s cleaning. This process shouldn’t be demanding. The reason is the material used. Polypropylene doesn’t require big effort for optimal maintenance. Here are the major tips to clean it properly:

  • Take Advantage of a Simple Sweep

Did you notice some debris on the unit? The best plastic rugs are easy to sweep with a broom. A couple of moves should be sufficient to remove all the dirt. If you use it on the patio, you can consider cleaning underneath the unit, too.

  • Make Sure It’s Washable

If buying a rug, confirm that it’s washable. Most users pick a hose in their garden and clean it. It’s even possible to power-wash the unit. You probably won’t have to do this often. The majority resorts to this method once or twice yearly.


Q: Should You Use an Outdoor Rug in the Winter?

A: That depends on your location. If the winters are mild, you can use the plastic outdoor rug. But if you get below-zero and freezing temperatures, take the unit inside. It will promote longevity and ensure it looks great in the spring. You can use the bag provided with the product. It’s easy to roll the unit inside and store it in the garage or another indoor location.

Q: Should You Place a Recycled Plastic Rug on an Outdoor Deck?

A: This won’t hurt the carpeting item. It’s the deck you should worry about, especially if the wood is its primary material. If your rug gets wet, it could stay like that for a while. That much water could harm the wooden boards and compromise their longevity.

Q: Can a Recycled Rug Last for Years?

A: You might be curious about this product’s longevity. These items are a long-term investment. That means they’ll last for years. Nobody can tell how much. A premium weave prolongs the lifespan, but it also depends on the weather conditions. Don’t forget the importance of how often you use it. The experts estimate plastic outdoor rugs usually last for 3-5 years.

Q: Can I Sit on My Plastic Outdoor Rug?

A: Yes, there’s nothing that should stop you. The softness will surprise you. Thanks to a unique production process, these units are cozy. You might even think the manufacturer used cotton when making it. Sitting on the rug is vital if you plan to head camping. It can also serve for picnicking or heading to the beach. You don’t want the sand or bugs to get everywhere. That’s why an outdoor carpeting solution is a wise choice.

Final Thoughts

It’s fantastic how recycled plastic outdoor rugs offer multiple fantastic features. These products are versatile and you can use them in any area. From beneath a backyard table to the patio and taking the unit indoors, anything is possible.

Make sure to try them to get an excellent unit while doing good for the planet!

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