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How To Style Your Room Using Cotton Area Rugs

by Staff Account October 14, 2021 8 min read

How To Style Your Room Using Cotton Area Rugs

Are you keen on adding warmth and boosting your room décor simultaneously? Look no further! Cotton area rugs are an ideal option for promoting your room style and appearance. It adds flexibility and beauty to your space.

However, bringing an area rug into your home is not the main task. The real deal is creating the right style that will boost your décor and meet your needs. This guide offers easy and efficient ways to style your room with cotton rugs. Stay active to gain all you need! 

12 Impressive Ways to Style Your Room with Cotton Area Rugs

Highlighted below are excellent styling option for cotton rugs:

1. Use a Transitional Style 

Do you want something flexible and exciting in your space? Try the transitional style for area rugs. Creating a transitional style with area rugs will help you find a balance between contemporary and modern designs. It enables you to create a strong base for your other décor. It makes you switch between vibes regularly.

In this style, the area rug will take center stage in the room. You can place furniture like center tables, flower pots, and other materials on it. Every change in the elements on the area rug will undoubtedly bring a new look. 

2. Eclectic Style 

Styling your area rugs with an eclectic concept allows you to integrate multiple ideas into your space. One of the most exciting things about this view is that it fits into any room. Besides, it allows you to navigate between several colors, composition, pattern, and texture. 

You might consider mixing area rugs of different textures, styles, and colors to achieve this concept. 

3. Mid-Century Modern Style 

The mid-century modern style allows you to explore patterns. If you want to use this option, you must be bold enough to get creative and experiment with your decoration. Although you might not eventually come up with a distinct space, you can customize your needs. 

If your place has an existing patterned design, you can get area rugs that will fit it. You can also get a patterned rug to complement a contemporary minimalist vibe in your home. 

4. Classical Styling 

The classical styling involves creating mid-tones with solid color area rugs. This style is similar to traditional design but creates symmetry. It makes your space appear cozy, welcoming, and inviting. 

The solid color of your area rugs can form the base of the other designs. If you intend to create a mid-tone, different colors in the space should not be as solid as the area rug. 

5. Create an Art Décor 

You don't have to be an artist before you can create an art décor with area rugs. All you need to do is to ensure proper color flow. This style involves showcasing colors in their awesomeness. 

Start by getting colorful area rugs. Everything else in your space can also take on colors, including furniture. This style fits lovers of an entertainment spotlight. It gives you the best platform to play around with colors in your home. 

6. Contemporary Style 

Using the contemporary concept for styling your area rugs is excellent for any room. It helps you to create a fancy space with clean lines and bold accent colors. Besides, it establishes aesthetics from muted neutrals and sleek furniture. 

Everything within your space will contribute to the contemporary style. Consider adding modern wall designs and fine furniture. Adding materials like an Anglo-Indian topped bed or shabby chic designs will also help this concept. 

7. Go Neutral 

Do you want to explore neutral design in your space? No problem! Neutral color area rugs will help you achieve this style and concept. There are white cotton rugs that will form a perfect base for all neutral room décor. 

Finding a suitable spot for the rug at the center of the room will add more definition to this style. Consider using neutral colors for other fabrics in this space. 

8. Asian Style

The Asian style of décor is famous for its perfect blend of patterns and color themes. You can also use this idea while styling your room with area rugs. It helps you to create a clever design with a charming and relaxed appearance. 

You can import ideas from core Asian parts like China, India, Japan, and Thailand. Using a nature-inspired area rug color and bright-hued accessories in your room will help you find the right balance. This combination is an excellent way of creating a calm space and a relaxing environment. 

9. Gothic Style 

If you are a fan of history or ancient luxury style, try the Gothic style for your room. This option often fits those that have zero cares for trendy design. Pick inspiration from the old cathedral concepts in the 1920s and 19030s. 

It is best to get dark-colored area rugs for this style. Large windows, candle models, and dramatic interior decoration will complement this idea. Alternatively, you can build your space to fit the royal class. 

10. Industrial Style 

One of the primary ideas behind this style is craftsmanship. The industrial style for area rugs aims at creating DIY fashion in a space. You might need to include other accessories like leather materials, rustic wood, and metals. 

It is best to go for mid-tone or solid-colored area rugs for this style. The color should complement most DIY accessories to include in your room. Having large windows, exposed bricks, and a couple of shabby chic designs will improve its appearance. 

11. Minimalist Design 

Minimalist styling with area rugs will help you to create the right balance between indoors and outdoors. You don't have to go for bright colors or any extraordinary design. In fact, it is one of the best fits for kids using washable kids' room area rugs. 

This idea is all about creating a free-flowing area or space. It is mostly about using the right light and finding harmony between various room accessories and the area rug. 

12. Coastal Style 

You can break from the land and take your room design to the sea with the coastal style. Everything in the room, including color and accessories, should be ocean-inspired. The best color in your room for this idea includes dark navy, sea blue, white, and sky blue. 

You can imagine creating a space for pretty little fish to have a clear picture. Using aquatic-themed accessories will help you to bring this space idea into reality. 

How Do You Match A Rug to A Room? 

One golden rule about using rugs, particularly large area rugs, is that they must match your space. From elegance to creating a warm space, rugs add a much-required finishing touch to your room. It doesn't matter if you are starting your room design with a rug or adding it to an existing design. Find out simple but creative ways to match a rug to a room below:

1. Find the Perfect Style 

Finding the perfect rug style for your space is a consideration you shouldn't overlook. You can figure out the suitable rug style for you from your lifestyle and room design. Your choice of area rugs must compliment your sense of style. 

Considering lifestyle includes the functionality of your space. Do you have kids and pets running around? Do you intend to place the rug in a high-traffic area of your room? The answers to this question will help you to figure out the perfect style. 

You might need a washable kids room area rug or space where you have kids and pets running around. Patterned area rugs might also be necessary for hiding stains and dirt. 

2. Find the Perfect Area Rug Size

Carry out the primary assignment of knowing the size of your room before setting out to shop for area rugs. You might need large cotton rugs for big rooms. The idea is to understand the optimal rug size that will fit your space. 

Are you confused about how to find the right size? Here are some clues:

  •       For a family-sized room, it is best to go for an area rug that covers the length and width of the room's furniture. You can select a slightly larger size to highlight specific areas, especially if you have cluster furniture. 
  •       It is best to use rug size for dining rooms that will not hinder the free movement of chairs when pulled away from the table. So, it is best to measure the table and add a few inches to accommodate the chair. 
  •       It is best to use area rugs for rooms with little or no accessories that will cover 30-50% of the room's perimeter. 

3. Use Suitable Colors and Design 

Color is one of the primary considerations in any space and interior design. Once you are ready to shop your area rug, make an immediate consideration of your color scheme. The style you intend to create might guide your decision on the perfect color for the room. 

It is best to get an area rug that matches two or three of the room's primary colors to maintain a uniform flow. You can take a cue from the wall colors, furniture, and notable room fabrics. Don't forget that area rugs can serve as an anchor to your room. So, it is best to use colors that establish your mood and personality. 

Pro Tip: Note that light colors can make your space appear more extensive, and rich colors are best for intimate areas. Spicy, bright hues like yellow, red, and pink help you create a warm space. Cool colors are more efficient for creating a relaxing environment. 

4. Texture and Patterns

The texture and patterns of your rugs are another top consideration. Certain rug materials, particularly the synthetic types, do not match every room. It is best to use a more natural and flexible option like cotton-woven rugs. The texture and pattern of your carpet should fit essential room accessories like primary fabrics and furniture. 

How Do You Decorate an Area Rug? 

Area rugs bring beauty to your room and space. But you can enhance the appearance by giving it the right decoration. You don't have to create a unique scheme for decorating your area rugs. You can make it a passive addition, but it will still make a notable contribution to your space. 

Here are some of the ideas that can help you to decorate area rugs:

  •       Place matching center tables at the middle of the area rugs. This idea works best with area rugs in open space. 
  •       Use decorative flowers around the rug. You can place these flowers at the edges of the carpet or the center. If you have a center table, consider placing the flower on the center table. 
  •       Cut out shapes that will improve the rug's appearance. 
  •       Mix rugs with different patterns, designs, and forms. 
  •       Use rug pads to enhance the boldness of the area rug. 
  •       Dress up your wall to create patterns that match the area rug.

Are Cotton Rugs Any Good? 

Cotton rugs are incredible for most rooms. It is one of the ideal options in homes due to the cozy and warm feeling it brings. Besides, it also has certain benefits that give it an edge over other types. 

Some of the benefits of cotton rugs include:

  •       They are easy to wash and maintain.
  •       They are arguably the cheapest option available in the market.
  •       They have designs that are perfect for lounging and comfort. 
  •       Cotton rugs have a versatile look and texture that can fit most room designs and accessories. 
  •       They are available in varieties of colors and patterns.


Bringing an area rug into your space is the first step in the right direction. Using it to give your room the perfect style will provide you with a flawless fitting. The points listed above are valuable selections you can consider for your styling. All you need to do is figure out the perfect fit for your space.

Feel free to be creative with your styles and decoration. Proceed by creating a décor that excites you starting with cotton area rugs of the right quality. Feel free to explore the highlighted options!

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