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ferm LIVING Kelim Borders Area Rug


This ferm LIVING Kelim Borders area rug redefines the traditional kelim craftsmanship and combines it with modern geometric shapes to create a piece that is timeless and stylish. A handweaved rug is a great way of defining a space and creating a sense of coherence between furniture and accessories in a room. ferm LIVING designs each rug with the intention of adding warmth and cohesiveness into a space while maintaining a Scandinavian style element. Every detail including the colour and geometric placement is an exploration of space and the relationship between colours and shapes within that space.

This particular piece is chic, modern and not over the top feminine. It is a classy piece that shows off your sense of style and can work in a room with a neutral colour palette as well as a room with accented gray, rose, orange or brown undertones.

The Kelim weave and the wool yarns have a unique, coarse feel that is part of the characteristic of a traditional kelim rug. Made out of all natural wool and cotton materials, this hand woven kelim rug is a piece that will be appreciated within the family for years to come.

Note: Each Kelim rug is hand weaved using a Punja loom - a traditional manual loom and is one of the oldest weaving techniques. For this reason, each rug will differ slightly. Also, the wool yarn is hand-dyed and therefore, some shade variation may occur due to the nature of wool and dye.

Product Features

  • Technique: Hand Woven
  • Material: 80% Wool/20% Cotton
  • Wool has superior strength and durability.
  • Cotton offers an unparalleled feeling of softness, comfort and warmth.
  • Location: Indoor use only


  • Brand: ferm LIVING
  • Colour: Boaders pattern
  • Material: 80% Wool 20% Cotton
  • Technique: Hand Woven
  • Designed in Copenhagen
  • Artist: Trine Andersen
  • Made in India

About the Brand

Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, ferm LIVING is a company that takes pride in creating products that help balance the contrasts of life. They recognize that in today's world, as we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we also long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. ferm LIVING's line of area rugs is designed with the intention of creating a space that allows us to be ourselves, to realize our true value of things, and to feel comfortably at home. From their base in Copenhagen, ferm LIVING works with artisans from around the world, fusing their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions to create masterful pieces that are rich, soft and colourful.

About Wool/Cotton Rugs

This cotton and wool blend area rug consists of natural materials that are renewable, eco-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. Wool has superior strength and durability. Cotton offers an unparalleled feeling of softness, comfort and warmth.

Care Instructions

  • Vacuum regularly and as needed using suction only (no bristles)
  • Spot clean as needed using a damp cloth with plain water. Do not use soap or cleaning products as they could damage or fade the rug
  • For spills, absorb immediately with white dry cloth
  • For larger, deeper stains, send the rug to a professional service with experience cleaning fine rugs
  • Rotate rug every 3 months to avoid uneven fading and wear
  • To preserve the life of the rug, we recommend using a rug pad

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