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Lorena Canals Bahari Woolable Area Rug


As part of the Africa Woolable Collection, this Lorena Canals Bahari Woolable Area Rug is a rectangular rug made in natural wool color using different pile heights creating a geometric pattern of silhouettes of cowrie shells throughout the rug. At one of the borders, this Lorena Canals Bahari Woolable Area Rug is finished with a visible canvas base decorated with embroidery in Charcoal, Sunlight and Arabesque, and finished with a short pile stitch line in Almond Frost color.

The Africa Woolable Collection evolved from Lorena's recent journey to Africa where she was captivated by the wildlife and nature that roamed this part of the world. The irregular contours, uneven borders and bright earthy colour palette in this collection is a representation of total connectedness with the wilderness. This collection is her attempt to grasp the essence of the East African way of life, infused with primitive wisdom, spirituality and plain simplicity. This part of the continent is known for its exuberant nature, rich culture and incredibly talented artisans. Each piece in this Africa Woolable Collection is named in the Swahili language and takes inspiration from distinctive homeware, jewelry and beaded accessories made by these artisans. As with all of Lorena's designs, her hope is to bring people and nature closer together, and there is no better reference than the people of East Africa who are able to live a life in harmony alongside the wilderness.

Why you'll love it

  • Elevate your style and embrace unparalleled coziness with our 100% wool product, embodying unmatched comfort and natural warmth
  • This light-weight wool rug makes clean-up very easy. Simply give it a shake!
  • Experience the unique quality and attention to detail that comes with each of our hand-crafted piece

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    • Construction: Hand Made • Each Lorena Canals rug is handmade in their private facility in India using traditional methods • Due to its handmade nature, each rug is unique and one of a kind • Pile: 100% Wool Base: Recycled Cotton • Each rug is hand-dyed using natural non-polluting dyes that follow an eco-friendly framework making it completely safe for our little ones as well as the environment • Natural dyes also keeps the rug light, soft and flexible • Being a trusted brand in the industry, this high quality wool rug is made to last a lifetime and can withstand rigorous play • This light-weight wool rug makes clean-up very easy. Simply give it a shake! • For larger messes, throw the entire rug into a domestic washing machine on gentle-cycle • Each rug comes with a non-slip underlay (rug pad)

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    Wonderful online shopping experience!

    I am so happy that I stumbled upon Rugs by Roo in my hunt for non-toxic and beautiful area rugs for our new home before the arrival of our first child! Their selection of Lorena Canals rugs was phenomenal, and Sandy was so communicative throughout the shipping process and even with figuring out how best to care for the rugs after they arrived. I cannot recommend Sandy and Rugs by Roo more, I'm so happy I got to support a small, local and female-owned business, and I look forward to purchasing more items for our new home in the months to come!!

    Hi Sarah,
    I'm so touched by your response. Thank you Sarah. Having been through 3 kids myself, I understand the research for healthy options can be overwhelming especially when you have a little one on it's way. I'm still learning myself. Always happy to share! Best wishes to you and your family, and CONGRATS again!

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